4 Things You Need To Get A Nutrition Program Off The Ground On A Budget

Starting a nutrition program in your facility can be a daunting and expensive task!


We know because we have done it, but it doesn’t have to be that way!


We have spent countless hours setting up a system to save you time and while doing so 4 things stood out to us as being the most helpful when launching a nutrition program.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to figure out where to start. 

Here are four things you need to get a nutrition program off the ground on a budget

#1 Biometrics

When working with nutrition clients, you need to be able to track their progress. At Healthy Steps Nutrition & HSN Mentoring, recommend testing weight, body fat, muscle mass and inches (using a tape measure). 

You will want something in-house to test your client’s biometrics. The gold standard for biometric testing is an Inbody, but you don’t need a $6,000 machine to run a successful nutrition program. InBody has a home version on amazon for $300-$350. 

You don’t want your clients to use one type of machine during a challenge then a different machine after the challenge is over. 

#2 Scheduling Software

You need an easy way for clients to schedule without the back and forth via email.

At Healthy Steps Nutrition & HSN Mentoring, we recommend using acuity scheduling. It is FREE for one calendar (solo nutrition coaches).

#3 Member Management

In previous podcast episodes, we’ve talked about the importance of setting up nutrition memberships so that you don’t have to resell your clients on nutrition services during every appointment.

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, PushPress is our preferred partner for member management. You can set up a FREE account and start collecting payments from clients automatically.

Best of all, HSN has an integration with PushPress to make it easy to track your nutrition metrics like new clients, ongoing clients, nutrition-only revenue, hybrid revenue and churn rate.

#4 Professional Email

When starting a business, you do not want to use your personal email.

Through gmail and g-suite, you can set up a professional email connected to your website domain.

For instance, at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ, our domain is healthystepsnutrition.com and all of our emails are name@healthystepsnutrition.com. 


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