Hear From HSN Partners Running The Program:

We struggled putting together a nutrition program for the first 6+ years. In the last 5 months we have done more revenue than the previous 6 years.

Brian Strump

Owner, CrossFit Steele Creek

I could tell you all the sweet stuff that you’ll get, or how many people you’ll be able to help; Instead, I’m going to talk from a business standpoint. Even in a slow month, I have a 5x return on my investment

Jason Cohen

Owner, LoCoMotion Fitness

I met Nicole in August at the CrossFit Games.  I was looking to start my Nutrition Program but starting up a Nutrition Practice is a huge undertaking- one that I know all too well as I had tried in the past and had to put it on hold.

Meeting Nicole and Healthy Steps Nutrition came at the most perfect time and we haven’t looked back! I’ve been a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist for 13 years with experience in clinical, outpatient, food industry work doing regulatory and compliance along with writing food labels and packaging.  This experience has prepared me to sit and work with clients one-on-one of which I am most comfortable. However, the other part of private practice is the business end- marketing, advertising, accounting/books, writing and coming up with program material… THAT is what Nicole and her team has giving me the confidence to do.  I couldn’t have done this without her. She has provided me, an experienced Dietitian, with the skills on how to think like a Business woman in the Nutrition and Dietetics field. Thank you, Nicole for all the support and empowerment!

Meredith Magnini

Owner, CrossFit Surmount and Surmount Nutrition

We have been working with HSN for about 5 months and it has been a game changer and a great additional service that we now can comfortable and strategically offer to our members. The training is spot on to keep uniformity between coaches and there is always new and updated information being added.

Jeremy Huisheere

Owner, FitElite

HSN was a life saver for me and my gym. My state has very strict laws that prevent us from having a nutrition program…until Nicole and HSN came along!! Now our professional nutrition program is in place to provide my clients with a ton of added value. They make my life a whole lot easier and the support we get from Nicole and her team is amazing.

Joe Morris

Owner, Olney CrossFit

HSN’s nutrition program has been a great addition to our gym! The program itself is everything you need to get started and keep things going…and the continued support/mentor-ship is phenomenal

April Eubanks

Owner, JMADE Fitness

This program is a No-Brainer. I could tell you all the sweet stuff that you’ll get, or how many people you’ll be able to help; Instead I’m going to talk from a business standpoint. Even in a SLOW month I have a 5X return on my investment. Show me another tool that has a monthly ROI of 500% and I’ll be all over it! Thanks HSN!

Jason Cohen

Owner, Locomotion Fitness

We’ve been working with HSN for about a year, and it’s one of the best things we’ve done. Nicole is so supportive and continues to improve her product. People love our nutrition program and HSN makes it easy for us!

George Lee

Owner, CrossFit Augusta

We’ve been working with Healthy Steps Nutrition Consulting / Nicole for 4-5 months now, and I couldn’t be happier for what it’s done for my gym. From challenges to daily content, phone calls, messages. I jumped on board because they were highly recommended and they definitely live up to the hype. Thank you for all your help!!

David Arce

Owner, CrossFit Brownsville

We are excited to partner with Healthy Steps Nutrition to bring our gym’s nutrition program to the next level!

We have had an amazing response to our first venture: 96 people have signed up for our first 28 Day Nutrition Challenge! Nicole and Lindsay have been super helpful! It’s great to have a legitimate, success proven program to offer our members and our community!

Karen Harvey

Owner, New Market CrossFit

Great team, very open to offering tips to grow business and make clients healthier. Online training modules, Facebook groups, consulting calls, and printed materials are user friendly and informational. Well done. Proud to be a part of this group and offer this important service at our affiliate.

Jen Schneider Grenell

Owner, Progression Fitness

The biggest thing I was pleased with when I first got started was how easy it was to get set up on the back end. The program becomes profitable within the first 30 days.

Sherman Merricks

Owner, Dynasty CrossFit

Nicole and her team are amazing! Their constant attention to clients and to the details that matter really make a difference. Their online support materials are incredibly helpful. Our nutrition program has taken off since partnering with HSN.

Michael Licatino

Owner, Progression Fitness

Adding a nutrition program to CrossFit Final Call is not only exciting our members but giving them great results! HSN has been so helpful and supportive in making our program successful and smooth! We launches our program this month and are already changing our athletes health, but also the financial status of our gym!

Lindsey VanSchoyck

Owner, CrossFit Final Call

Adding nutrition to our programming has been a goal of CrossFit bond.’s for about a year. Knowing that it’s the most important component of wellness, it was a no brainer to incorporate it into our programming. With that said it was hard to find someone to support our program given we are not dietician’s. After searching and investigating for quite some time for someone to oversee our program I found Nicole and HSN Nutrition. We just launched the program in November 2017 and we’ve already begun changing lives. The support we get from Nicole and Lindsey is great and the private affiliate FB group is an excellent resource for quick tips and questions. Not only is the nutrition part of the piece provided to affiliates who utilize this program, but there is also a ton of information on how to run this program business-wise too. For anyone who is interested in providing the full spectrum of wellness to their gyms, like CrossFit prescribes, this program is something you should seriously consider.

Heath A. Bril-Kiddoo

Owner, CrossFit Bond

We recently started with HSN. Implementing the program in our gym couldn’t have been any easier. We kicked it off with the 28-day challenge which has been received with excitement by our members.

Alan Wissbroecker

Owner, Crow River CrossFit

We’ve been working with Nicole and Healthy Steps Nutrition since September of 2016! It’s done wonders for our facility. We’ve always known how important nutrition is, but this allows us to really help people make changes for the better. On top of that the monthly content, recipes, consulting calls, and support make it a turn key product we can deliver to our members.

Sara Miceli Benson

Owner, CrossFit Reanimated

Nicole has been an incredible asset to starting our nutrition services at Sycamore CrossFit. She is always a joy to talk to and always wants to help us be successful. She is constantly improving and refining her processes and support to her affiliates. Thanks Nicole

Carl Balentyne

Owner, Sycamore CrossFit

My husband and I opened CrossFit Final Call last November with the hopes of changing people’s health, fitness, and lives. The gym took off as far as the fitness aspect goes but we were noticing that our members were not getting the results they wanted as quickly as they could be. We knew we needed to implement some kind of nutrition program at the gym but had no idea where to start. We found Healthy Steps Nutrition and knew this was the program for us. Everything was laid out for us in an easy to use system. My nutrition coach and I completed the training in about a week. We immediately got a return on our investment with our first two clients. We started with 6 customized nutrition plans and then jumped into a corporate challenge with over 25 participants.  We ran our first gym challenge in February and had over 25 participants losing over 110 lbs, 90 inches, and 27% body fat. Our nutrition program is one the most financially important programs at our gym. It brings in monthly ¼ of our total gym revenue. Lindsey and Nicole have been amazing have helping us along the way, but the initial set up is so simply laid out that’s it not hard to mess up. The new app has been amazing for us because it sends our clients information for us without us having to think about it or perform this important step. As a busy gym owner, mom, nurse practitioner, and nutrition coach any system that takes work away from me having to do it is a win for me! We can’t say enough good things about what this program has done for our gym and our clients.

Lindsey VanSchoyck

Owner, Final Call

This program has been a great deal of help for us as a business. It has helped us add to the services we offer. This system is done for and all you have to do implement it. The ROI this program offers is hands down above anything we expected.

Jose Espinoza

Owner, CrossFit 2920



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