The Psychology of Change with Precision Nutrition

Becoming an amazing nutrition coach takes time and experience. When we are asked what additional training and certification HSN Nutrition Coaches should take, we always recommend Precision Nutrition. Similar to HSN principles, Precision Nutrition focuses...

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Interview with Chris Cooper of TwoBrain Business

Interview with Chris Cooper of TwoBrain BusinessAs an entrepreneur, we have the opportunity to write the rules and create our own path. We make hundreds of decisions every day but the problem is, we don't always know what the "right" answer is. Luckily,...

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Winning The Warm-Up

We all know that one person. The one that walks into the gym, all set to go and as soon as the warm-up starts, they are off to the races. Choosing to focus on having the fastest 400m run and quickest stretching sequence, rather than achieving full range of motion and...

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Is Nutrition a Pillar in Your Business?

When your members describe your gym, what do they talk about? What services would they tell someone that you offer? Here’s a test: ask 10 clients to describe your business/the services you provide you in 20 seconds. If they don’t mention nutrition, you...

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Solve, Don’t Sell

As a nutrition coach, we have many different types of clients, but they all generally have one of three goals: weight loss (toning-up/fat loss), strength gain (performance), and optimal health (longevity/wellness).  No matter what their goals are, it is...

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Preparing For Plan B

In a perfect world, you, as gym owner, have someone extremely capable and confident running the nutrition program. They have their finger on the pulse of all the new information provided by Healthy Steps Nutrition, are active in their monthly mentoring...

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What Makes An Amazing Nutrition Coach?

I am often asked: what makes a great nutrition coach? Many things go into making a successful coach, namely passion for nutrition and helping people, being organized and motivated, time efficient, etc. The list could go on, but if I had to identify that...

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You + Instagram = Client Magnet

Social media posts need to be a handshake, the hello, and an invitation, all in one. There doesn’t necessarily always have to be a sales pitch included. The ultimate goal is to inspire action, which then leads to sales. I want you to think about your...

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Planning For Your January Goals

Here in Northern Virginia, Fall was late to make her appearance but Autumn is here now, and the holiday craze has begun!  Stores are stuffed with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas goodies! Parties, candy dishes, and gifts of food make for...

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Is Nutrition a Key Pillar In Your Business?

One of the most common factors we see at successful affiliates is that they offer diverse revenue streams. If you have read any of Chris Cooper's books, you will recognize "multiple legs on the chair." The idea is that you don't put all your eggs in one...

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