Your First Client

Regardless of what business you are starting, getting the first client through the door can be both the scariest part, as well as the most exciting. Getting those first clients, and your success in working with them can determine the trajectory of your business. In...

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The Secret To A Profitable Nutrition Program

Diversifying Nutrition Income When starting a nutrition program, your main focus is on individual nutrition clients and it should be. But what happens next? There comes a point where you are maxed out on the number of nutrition clients that you can manage...

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Three Mistakes To Avoid

When you are on the inside of your own nutrition program, it is easy to get wrapped up with day to day operations and not focus on the foundations of a successful business. Whether you have been running your program for 6 weeks or 6 months, there are some common...

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Don’t Start at Zero Each Month

Nutrition Coaching Memberships I started working at a private practice in 2005. At the time, we offered one option for clients to start: a four-week nutrition package. Clients would sign up, come in for an initial consult then have one follow-up visit. They saw great...

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Are You Turning Clients Away?

How much do you think you are losing when you turn away clients who ask about nutrition? A few hundred dollars? A few thousand dollars? Let's do the math. If a client signs up for the least expensive nutrition package, based on the HSN model, they are paying $169 per...

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Five Ways to Provide Accountability

Only 20 percent of people are able to maintain weight loss. What are those people doing different? How are you able to ensure your clients are part of those 20 percent? The formula for success is simple: If they see results, they will keep coming back. In the business...

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Professionalism In Your Nutrition Business

Whether you have been in business for 1 day or 1000 days, professionalism is one aspect that is a non-negotiable. It is important that your potential clients see you as an expert who will get them to their goals. It is hard for them to do that if your...

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Why isn’t my nutrition program growing?

It's January 1st and you're launching a nutrition challenge. Everyone is excited about how they are going to follow this diet and lose weight during the 28-Day Nutrition Challenge. On Feb 1st, the challenge ends. Not long after, all those challenge participants are...

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Leaving a Stable Position to Start Your Own Venture

If you think back to why you became an RD, most of us have a similar answer. We love food and love people. Somewhere along the way, we found the dietitian career as a way to put both of those things together to make a living. Growing up, nutrition became a priority in...

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The Importance of Having Your Entire Staff On Board

As a gym owner, it's impossible to coach every class. It's impossible to be present for every question your members ask. When you are not there, who answers the questions? Your coaches. Leadership starts at the top. Owners influence coaches and coaches influence...

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How did I build authority as a nutrition coach?

People are results driven. You can convey to a client repeatedly that nutrition is important to their weight loss and health journey, however, until they see the results for themselves, they are not willing to change. At CrossFit HSN, I started to position myself as a...

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