Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N


Nicole believes something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. She founded HSN in 2012 and has been helping gyms build successful nutrition programs since 2014 using the HSN Nutrition Business Platform.

Lindsay McDonald

Chief of Staff

You name it, Lindsay has helped a business through it. Lindsay is our most senior mentor and has been helping gyms build successful nutrition programs since 2017. She is in charge of the initial training process, curriculum as well as overseeing the mentor team.

Jason Aucoin

Live Event Coordinator

Live events and workshops are the best way to re-energize yourself and nutrition coach. Jason ensures all live events run smoothly.

Molly Flynn

Client Success Manager

From the initial training to launching a nutrition program, Molly is there every step of the way to ensure businesses are set up for success!

Jen Grenell

Senior Mentor

Having a centralized place to manage nutrition clients is key when looking at streamlining a nutrition program. Jen helps nutrition coaches leverage the HSN App and personalize content so that they are seen as the experts too!

Heather Kiddoo


As a gym owner and nutrition coach, it’s tough to prioritize what’s most important. Heather helps gym owners and nutrition coaches dial in the details to ensure you are able to leverage everything the HSN platform has to offer.

Emily Connors


Making nutrition a core message in your business is vital to its success. Emily helps businesses leverage social media and their website to make nutrition a core offering in your business.

Carl Balentyne


Creating a growth plan with goals and action steps ensures owners and nutrition coaches know where their program is headed. Carl helps gyms create their plan for success.

Melinda North


Efficiency and time management is a struggle for most business owners and nutrition coaches. Melinda helps nutrition coaches become more efficient by leveraging the tools that HSN provides.

Ashley Osterman, Dietitian

Senior Content Creator

Ashley is our resident nutrition expert and nutrition education development specialist. She provides ongoing education for nutrition coaches as well as resources for nutrition coaches to give clients.

Marci Fazio

Senior Content Creator

Marci makes magic happen before any content is released with HSN Mentoring. She is involved with the development of monthly content, client resources, and so much more! If it looks pretty, Marci had her hands on it.

Ivette Johnsen

Special Project Development

Ivette manages the development of special projects for HSN Mentoring like the Ultimate Owner Support Guide and Targeted Growth Tools. She works on the senior team to help map out content development and releases throughout the year.



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