Meet Our Team

Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N​

Owner, Healthy Steps Nutrition, CrossFit HSN & HSN Mentoring

Nicole believes something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated, which is why she focuses on a simple, habit-based approach. 

She founded Healthy Steps Nutrition in 2012 and quickly expanded to open CrossFit HSN.

Nicole believes health starts inside your gym using a holistic coaching framework addressing stress management, sleep, nutrition, support system, exercise and lifestyle.

Since 2014, Nicole and her team have helped over 4,500 gym owners and coaches build, launch and grow professional habit-based coaching programs.  

She is the author of the Healthy Steps Nutrition Coaching Course- CrossFit Preferred Nutrition Course.  

Jason Aucoin

Owner, Healthy Steps Nutrition, CrossFit HSN & HSN Mentoring

Jason retired as a captain in the fire department to join Nicole. He coaches, does the sales for Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ and manages the HQ location. 

Jason has helped grow and develop the employee wellness program at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ and loves helping gyms expand their reach to start employee wellness programs in their communities. 

Jason knows that you need to take the time to work on growing your business. Live events and workshops are the best way to re-energize yourself and develop your nutrition coach. Jason ensures all workshops and live events run smoothly. 

Lindsay McDonald

Chief of Staff, Director of Onboarding & HSN Mentor

Lindsay started as a CrossFit Trainer and a nutrition coach using the Healthy Steps Nutrition platform in 2016. 

You name it, Lindsay has helped a business through it. Lindsay is our most senior mentor and has been helping gyms build successful nutrition programs since 2017. 

She is in charge of the initial onboarding process for new gyms partnering with the Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring program. 

Lindsay specializes in revamping front-end offers, training staff to ensure a consistent message and role playing the initial sales process to increase buy-in with the nutrition coaching program on day one. 

Nikki Graham

Gym Owner & HSN Mentor

Nikki Graham partnered with HSN soon after opening her gym in 2017. She quickly built a roster of managing over 50 clients, herself. 

Today, she has a team of four nutrition coaches at her gym. 

Nikki is most passionate about helping coaches increase efficiency and client capacity. She also loves helping staff members increase confidence with the sales process so that new clients start with nutrition, fitness and accountability on day one. 

Melinda North

Operations Manager & Senior Mentor

Melinda has a background in teaching and started as a nutrition coaching at Portside Fitness. 

As operations manager, Melinda simplifies the process, resources and support provided to gym owners and coaches to help them build thriving nutrition coaching programs. 

Efficiency and time management is a struggle for most business owners and nutrition coaches.

Melinda helps nutrition coaches become more efficient by leveraging the tools that HSN provides like the Healthy Steps Nutrition app, client resources and monthly content.

Amanda Haar, RD

Registered Dietitian & Coach Developement

Amanda is the lead dietitian at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ. She specializes in women’s health and hormone health. She has over 12 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian working with kids, families and individuals.

Amanda is a co-creator of the Healthy Steps Nutrition kids course. 

Amanda plays a vital role with coach development through weekly coach training sessions and monthly educational webinars.

Heather Kiddo

Former Gym Owner & HSN Mentor

Heather is a gym owner, nutrition coach and has built an extensive partnership program at her gym. 

Heather is a part of the community outreach team for Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring. 

Heather loves inspiring gym owners about the potential of adding nutrition coaching to increase member results and your impact in the community. 

Patrick Coady

Gym Owner & HSN Mentor

Patrick (Paddy) is the co-owner of Phoenix Rise-Up in Ireland. He leads a team of three nutrition coaches. Phoenix Rise-Up has nutrition-only clients, employee wellness programs and kids nutrition coaching in addition to hybrid, nutrition and fitness memberships for members.  

Paddy is an international mentor for HSN. He specializes in building rockstar teams, staff engagement and buy-in, and expanding to serve nutrition-only clients and employee wellness.

Jill Hughes

Gym Owner & HSN Mentor

Jill has a background in nursing for 15 years. She opened up her gym in 2019 and quickly realized nutrition was the missing piece. She built a thriving nutrition coaching program and expanded to offer kids, teen and nutrition coaching for sports teams.


Jill is a part of the HSN Mentoring Coaching team, to help new gym owners and coaches experience the Healthy Steps Nutrition coaching program as a client as they are going through training. 



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