12 Features of the Exclusive HSN App


When you are just starting your nutrition program, it can be easy to manage the 5 or 10 nutrition clients you start with. However, what happens when your program grows to five times that amount? Are you able to manage that many clients using the same system? The HSN App, which was released in January, is a game-changer for everyone using it; both nutrition coaches and clients.

Here’s why:

Online Dashboard to Manage Your Clients

The days of Google Sheets are long gone. When you are scaling your nutrition business, you need an easy way to manage all your nutrition clients in one place. Through the HSN App, there is an online dashboard to see your clients profiles and progress at any given time. This ensures no one falls through the cracks between consults.


Streamlined Communication

When you meet with your first client, you want to help in every possible way. When I started my nutrition business, I would give my cell phone number out and tell clients to text me with any questions. Some would Facebook message and then send an email. When you have less than 10 nutrition clients, it’s somewhat easy to keep track of conversations, but imagine 40 nutrition clients. How will you remember what you said to a client if they Facebook message, text and email you? Through the HSN app, there are private message communication channels between a client and their coach and group messages. This ensures you will pick up right where you left off.

Providing a support group for your nutrition clients to share ideas, motivation recipes and ask questions adds an additional layer of value to your nutrition program. Within the app, you can create a challenge support group or a group for your ongoing nutrition clients.


Hundreds of Videos in Various Programs for Automated Content

As a nutrition coach, you have a bank of tips that will help your clients achieve results, but you can’t always share them all at one time. The automated programs within the app allow you to trickle content to your nutrition clients each week without overwhelming them. This increases touch points to provide more support and increase the value of your service.


Consistency During the Ebb and Flow of Your Nutrition Business

As with any business, nutrition coaches may come and go. I can’t tell you how many gyms I have talked to over the years that have told me they had a nutrition program and their nutrition program ended when their nutrition coach left. It’s your business and your nutrition clients still need your business to support and help them long after a nutrition coach leaves. The HSN App provides consistency with content delivery and the nutrition client information is under your business profile within the app. Your clients won’t leave with a nutrition coach because their plan is under your umbrella.


Automated Messages to Your Clients

Accountability and support is the key to long-term success for nutrition clients. Remembering to message your clients each week is impossible when you get over 40 nutrition clients. Through the app, you can go to your client’s profile and calendar, then schedule check-in messages to them. This allows you to write personalized messages right after you meet with them during an in-person follow-up visit. You can tailor these messages based on the action steps you set with the client.


Track Client Progress & Client Notes

It is a guaranteed that a client will reach out to you when you aren’t at the office next to their file. What if you can’t remember part of their plan? Instead of making an unnecessary trip to the gym or office, you can look at the notes section within the app to remind yourself of your client’s status within their plan.


Track Biometrics and Progress Pictures

Tracking biometrics is important. Your clients need to see the successes that lead to motivation. Through the app, you can track your clients weight, body fat, BMI and measurements to show clear graphs of all their improvements. You can also schedule them to take and upload progress pictures.


Create Personalized Content

The HSN App has a bank of hundreds of nutrition tip videos. Some nutrition coaches and dietitians want to personalize the experience for their nutrition clients. Within the app, you are able to upload your own videos and add them to your automated content and programs. This allows the nutrition coach to also become the “face” of the nutrition program.


Set Goals for Your Clients

Your clients need goals. These goals give your clients something to work towards. As a nutrition coach, it’s important that you set your client up with short and long-term goals. These goals are added to the HSN App as an easy reminder of what they are working towards. The nutrition goals automatically pull when you add their goals to their meal plan.


Integration with MyFitnessPal

Tracking your food intake increases your likelihood for maintaining weight loss. The HSN App integrates with MFP to show an easy calendar overview of the client’s calorie and macronutrient goals and their progress each day. HSN believes in quality first before meeting macro goals, so this feature is what we look at after a client understands the foundation of quality of macronutrients.



There are thousands of different programs and diets out there. Healthy Steps Nutrition was written by a registered dietitian and has a science-based approach. The HSN App increases the credibility of your nutrition program because you have partnered with the experts who have developed a system that is guided, tested and proven. The HSN App increases the professionalism of your program, clients will go to the iTunes store, type Healthy Steps Nutrition, and download the app.


Upload Your Client’s Meal Plan

Meal plans are one tool for success. In fact, at Healthy Steps Nutrition, it is the piece of the puzzle we focus on the least because we don’t want clients to feel like they have to follow a piece of paper to be successful. We do provide them with sample meal plans that meet their calorie and macronutrient goals for the day. The purpose of the meal plans are to give clients samples of balanced meals that will meet their goals so that they don’t feel like they need to eat broccoli, brown rice and chicken every day. Do the meal plans matchup 100% perfectly to the gram of their goals? No! But, they are within 10% of their goals. This serves as a starting point to give clients ideas of sample meals, recipes and food combinations.

The purpose of the HSN App is to help nutrition coaches manage more clients in less time. The automations and prepackaged content allow businesses to spend more time on helping clients without reinventing the wheel.

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