Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach Certification & Training Program

Understand The Fundamentals of Nutrition Coaching​

Learn From The Nutrition Experts at Healthy Steps Nutrition

Feel Confident As a Nutrition Coach

Receive 20 CEUs and Learn The Fundamental Skills To Become An Effective Nutrition Coach!

The Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach Certification
(CrossFit Preferred Nutrition Course) Now Includes 6-Weeks Of Nutrition Coaching With A Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ Coach!

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated, and coaches should feel confident helping their clients make lifestyle changes.

Healthy Steps Nutrition has helped over 40,000 people around the world take control of their health through a habit-based approach.

In this standalone nutrition coaching course, you will learn the fundamental skills needed to become an effective nutrition coach. 

Is The Basics of Nutrition Coaching Course Right For You? ​

Are you passionate about nutrition and looking to increase your knowledge base to help others?

Are you looking to have a better understanding of nutrition?​

Are you looking for a nutrition program that teaches lifestyle changes instead of a restrictive diet?​

Are you a coach looking to feel more confident when talking to your clients about nutrition?

Are you looking to provide clients with support beyond a nutrition challenge?

Are you looking to build a streamlined nutrition program? (DIY version)

What To Expect With The Healthy Steps Nutrition Coaching Course & Certification Program:

Basics of Nutrition Coaching Course Learning Objectives​

Understand the Fundamental Skills to Become an Effective Nutrition Coach​

Understand How to Effectively Coach Behavior Change with Client ​​

Understand How to Apply Theory to the Practice of Nutrition Coaching​

Meet Sammy

Sammy was a nutrition client at a gym running the Healthy Steps Nutrition program and wanted to help other people go through their own transformation with nutrition. 
She took the basics of nutrition coaching course, completed an internship with Healthy Steps Nutrition and is now a nutrition coach at HSN HQ. 
This could be you too!

Topics Discussed In The Course

The Power of Habit Formation to Promote a Lifestyle Change​

Understanding Behavior Change

Nutrition & Chronic Disease

The Science Behind Nutrition

How To Work With Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Nutrition Clients

Mock Consults and Case Studies​