What’s With All The Hype Over Collagen?

With the overwhelming amount of information available about nutrition online and on social media, it is likely that you have heard or seen information talking about the benefits of collagen powder.So what is collagen all about? Is it as good as it sounds?Collagen is...

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FAD Diets with Precision Nutrition

Your clients come to you confused and overwhelmed because they don't know what the "right" diet is for them. They think the next FAD diet might do the "trick" and help them see the results they have been looking for.Check out this webinar to learn how to...

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How to Make $5,000 Per Month With Nutrition Alone

As a business owner, there are so many shiny objects out there of ideas to better your business. When I look at the top 30% of gyms, who bring in over $5,000 per month from nutrition, they are doing a few things. Intake Process People need to understand how you can...

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You Are Losing Money by Offering FREE Nutrition Challenges

Every gym owner knows the importance of nutrition in helping their clients reach their goals. The problem is they aren't sure how to structure a program or systemize it. I've heard too many times from gym owners that they offer free nutrition challenges and it's like...

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Your Website is Losing Money – Here’s 4 Reasons Why

If you have been following HSN for a while, you have seen some major website overhauls over the past three years.Like most of you, when I first started HSN, I had no money to spend on hiring a developer. I thought it made sense for me to do it myself, to learn how to...

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Top 4 Misconceptions Coaches Have About Setting Action Steps

Your parting words of encouragement to your clients should ones that resonate deeply and keep them motivated in the days to come. As a coach, finding those words should be relatively easy, but for some clients, and in some instances, can prove challenging.It’s in our...

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Lost Your Nutrition Coach? 3 Steps to Being Prepared.

What happens when you lose an employee? Specifically, what happens when you lose your nutrition coach who has been running the program all on their own? Sometimes you are lucky, and you have some notice. It may be a planned vacation or maternity leave, or they just...

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3 Tips For Client Engagement Over The Summer

Summer is here, which brings a huge shift in routines for many of our clients. For some people it allows more time, for others it is less. Statistically, it’s a time when we see many people struggle nutritionally because of all the outdoor and community events. These...

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Introducing the Nutrition Business Live Workshop

At HSN Mentoring, we know you want to be a leader in the fitness industry. In order to do that, you need a comprehensive nutrition program.  The problem is you are unsure where to start when it comes to adding nutrition services which makes you feel overwhelmed. We...

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Our Mentorship In Two Phases

Are we the right fit? Chances are, that is your initial thought when you first learn about the HSN Mentoring program. That is why the first step to our program is to find out if we are the right fit for each other. Nobody likes being caught in a bad romance and we...

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3 Ways to Get Coaches Bought In

Your nutrition program can’t reach its full potential if you are the only one on staff singing its praises on social media or directly with members. Having a clear and consistent message about what your program is and how it can help others is a sure way to share that...

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