How long will it take to get my program up and running?
The average launch time is within four to six weeks of signing up. After signing up, you will immediately get access to the online course. This online course teaches you how to set up the back-end components such as marketing and the fundamental skills to become an effective nutrition coach. The training includes six mentoring calls to dial in the specifics for your facility, including a coach evaluation. This course is approved for 30 hours of CrossFit CEUs.
Will my clients see HSN Branding?
As a partner of HSN, your clients will see HSN branding and wording that states the program was written by a registered dietitian. Your clients will download the HSN app on their phone. With that being said, there are opportunities to co-brand the content for instance meal plans will have your facility name on it and you are able to add your logo to the HSN app. 
What if I don’t have a nutrition coach to help me run the program right away?
Some gym owners will sign up and launch the program themselves. Once the program is off the ground and they find a good fit to run the program, they add another nutrition coach. The initial sign up includes two subscriptions to the online course. If you don’t have a good fit right away, you can save it until you are ready to add a nutrition coach to take over the program. It is mandatory that the owner go through the training course with a nutrition coach. 


Can I add another nutrition coach to help me run the program?
Additional subscriptions to the online course are $599. Every nutrition coach running this program must complete the training course.


What kind of content do you provide each month?
Every month, we release emails, virtual nutrition seminar presentations (slides, speaking notes, printable and recording of us doing it, videos with a script, email content, client materials, and nutrition tips for gyms to use. We also release new programs within the exclusive HSN app to better support your clients. We know that producing content takes time and found that many gyms weren’t producing enough for potential clients so we give it to you to post and share.
Immediately after signing up for HSN Mentoring, you get access to one year’s worth of marketing content to make it easy to make nutrition a consistent part of your message! 


Do you have vegetarian resources?
We provide vegetarian meal plans with ranges. The calculator will tell you goals for calories and macronutrients. Clients are guided based on their goals. The app contains many supplemental videos geared towards vegetarians as well.


Is there ongoing training?
Every month, you will have an individual mentoring call to provide individualized support to help you grow your nutrition program and business. The HSN dietitian team hosts monthly ongoing educational webinars as well as weekly coach development sessions to empower confident nutrition coaches. 


Why do I need to do monthly mentoring calls?
Mentoring calls provide you with a roadmap to grow the nutrition program each month. The calls start with getting an update of your facility, answering any questions you have, then diving into program updates, content (nutrition tips, emails, videos, etc), and one big growth strategy each month.


What happens if I want to cancel?
You only have the rights to use the material when having an active subscription to HSN. We want dietitians and gym owners to have the most up to date content, as well as provide ongoing support. After the initial eight-month commitment, you are able to cancel with a 30-day written notice. Once you cancel, you will no longer have access to the app or any content and must remove all HSN IP from your program.


How does the app work?
The app is the place to ensure streamlined communication between the coach and client. Part of your role as a nutrition coach is to provide feedback to your clients. Within the HSN App, you can schedule custom habits. Every day, your clients can go in and mark them complete. You can easily see, did they do what they said they were going to do, or was there a barrier. From there, you can provide feedback.
The HSN App also has professional videos to provide ongoing support for the client. 
The HSN App is the safe place for the coach to provide clients with ongoing support and accountability. 


How much time do you spend with nutrition clients?
Initial consults are about 60-minutes. Follow up visits are about 30 minutes. The first month, a nutrition coach will spend about 2 hours total with a client. Following months, the time investment is decreased significantly to about 60-minutes between in-person and virtual support through the HSN App.
Nutrition coaches check in with clients via the app weekly or bi-weekly. Clients have weekly automated videos within the app.


How many clients can a nutrition coach handle at one time?
We have found about 40 individual nutrition clients is the threshold for a nutrition coach. Although there are strategies to increase efficiency, such as setting nutrition hours of the month, we recommend adding an additional nutrition coach to the team after building a program to 40 nutrition clients per month.
When running nutrition challenges, you are able to handle more clients. Coaches can handle between 75-100 clients in a challenge. 
There is a process for training a nutrition coach to ensure consistency within a program.




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