Are You Losing Money In Your Business By Not Having Nutrition Programs?

Your clients come to you because they want to lose weight. The problem is they don’t realize how important dialing in their nutrition is to reach their goals. 

It’s your job, as the expert, to guide them to the option that will help them achieve their goals. This means you are helping them every step of the way so they don’t have to seek help elsewhere. 

I have free calls every week from gym owners who either refer clients to seek nutrition support to an online company, have “partnered” with an outside company to send their clients to, have someone come inside but make little to nothing on the referral or even worse, they offer no support at all. 

If you aren’t offering nutrition in house or if your program isn’t set up properly, you will be losing money or you aren’t going to be able to make a profit on the revenue generated, here’s why. 

1. Your clients need help with nutrition. If they aren’t receiving this help from you, they will be going elsewhere. 

The truth is, the overwhelming majority of our clients seek us for help because they want to lose weight. We know you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, but many clients don’t. If you aren’t talking about nutrition from day 1, they won’t realize how important it is nor will they know that you can help. 

2. Sending clients outside your facility doesn’t offer a streamlined support system. 

During at least three times a week, gym owners tell me they send their clients outside their gym for help. They might make a percentage (usually less than 20 percent) as a referral but the problem is they feel the process is disconnected. They tell me they don’t know exactly what’s going on with their client’s progress in regards to nutrition and they aren’t able to support the process. 

Your clients will see you/your staff more than any nutrition coach. You should be reinforcing their plan to provide the support and accountability they need for success. 

3. Paying per client isn’t realisticas you scale. 

When I started HSN Mentoring in 2014, I made a strategic decision to charge a flat rate per month, knowing that we could provide the support to gyms to launch a challenge, provide individual coaching and partner with corporate companies. 

We charge a flat rate because I want to see gyms succeed and truly make nutrition a pillar of their business. We don’t take a percentage of income because the busier you are, the more people you help and more profits you have at the end of the day. 

Last week, we had a webinar with one of our affiliate owners and nutrition coaches, Lindsey, who generated over $50,000 from her nutrition program last year, it was over 35% of her gym revenue.  She talked about how she used the HSN platform to market to corporate companies and run nutrition challenges.

Her HSN subscription was 4.7% of the revenue she generated, less than $2400. 

With a pay per client model, if we charged $25 per client, she would have paid over $10,000 or 20% of her nutrition revenue for us to provide the same support to run her program. 

Instead, of taking more money, we are helping her partner with more corporate companies, knowing this will expand her reach and drastically increase her revenue generated. 

If you are looking to scale and grow your program beyond 10 members, make sure you do your research and ensure you are getting the support you need as well as maximizing profit margins. 

If you found yourself saying, “Oh man, that’s me.” to any one of these scenarios, I want to help. 

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