Helping Your Community Battle Chronic Disease

This week, we had Dr. Shakha and Scott Gilin, two CrossFit Physicians, talk about Chronic Disease.

You can watch the webinar here:

Most importantly, here’s what it means for you!

You have a massive opportunity to help clients take control of their health through nutrition and fitness. Offering nutrition-only packages to potential clients will allow you to market your services to a population who might not otherwise be interested.

After going through the Storybrand Guide certification, it’s clear we need to discuss the problem. This problem is Chronic Disease and the overwhelming majority of people are suffering from this condition. Even worse, the people who don’t know they have it and are continuing the make lifestyle choices to make it worse.

Here are some stats for you:

  • Chronic disease is responsible for 70% of deaths in the US

  • 90% of healthcare dollars spent on chronic disease

  • 60% of US adults have at least one chronic disease

  • 40% have two or more chronic diseases

  • 30% of US adults are obese and this number is rising

Here’s what it means for you:

  1. Create standalone nutrition packages and target this population that needs you the most!  

  2. Talk about the chronic disease problem and how you have the solution! Take a look at this sample blog for content ideas:


  3. Empower your clients to know their numbers. At HSN HQ, we have partnered with The Warrior Clinic to allow nutrition clients to take an at home blood test to check their triglycerides, A1c, total cholesterol and HDL. It’s important to know your numbers and adjust your diet as needed. Starting June 20th, anyone who signs up for the high accountability nutrition plan with HSN will receive one free kit, valued at $50. If clients are not interested in signing up for the higher accountability package, they can purchase a test here:

We understand the misinformation out there leaves clients confused and they don’t take action.

This is why we provide simple and sustainable plans to empower clients to make lifestyle changes and finally take control of their health.

You, as an affiliate owner, have the opportunity to empower your clients and community to take control of their health.

Are you up for the challenge?