CrossFit Be Someone Partnered With Healthy Steps Nutrition To Take Their Nutrition Program To The Next Level and What Their Clients Say About It

Partnering with Healthy Steps Nutrition allowed me and my team to help our members and make an impact in the city of Houston.”

Josh Melendez Owner of CrossFit Be Someone

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CrossFit Be Someone is located in Houston Heights, Texas.

When Josh bought CrossFit Be Someone, he knew nutrition was the missing piece. He approached his member, Mike, in 2018 to start building a nutrition program together.
They started a nutrition coaching program but realized they needed more support to take their nutrition program to the next level, so they partnered with Healthy Steps Nutrition in 2019.
Since then, they have added two additional nutrition coaches and have expanded into employee wellness. The mission of CrossFit Be Someone is to help people live their best lives.ย ย 
Not only is this nutrition team helping their members, they are working with people who arenโ€™t members of the CrossFit Be Someone community on nutrition and going into local businesses to help their employees get fit and healthy.
Nutrition Coaches, Michael and Neema empower their members to make changes and reach out to their community to make a difference through their nutrition program.
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After joining CrossFit Be Someone for fitness, Megan wasn’t seeing the results she hoped for. This led her to join the nutrition program. She started to feel changes within the first month of joining the program, mentally and physically.
Megan became a nutrition coach at CrossFit Be Someone because she wanted to share what she learned through the HSN program to help other people, empower them and accomplish their goals.
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What Clients Are Saying

Meet Alena, a nutrition client at CrossFit Be Someone.
Alena tried multiple different types of nutrition programs before finding the nutrition program at CrossFit Be Someone. The accountability and support of the nutrition program CrossFit Be Someone has helped Alena stay on track. The nutrition program has not only impacted Alena’s life, it has impacted her whole family.
Check out Alena’s story and how Neema, Nutrition Coach at CrossFit Be Someone, has helped her.

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