Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 85: How A 8-Year CrossFit Gym Owner In Berlin Built A Thriving Nutrition Program During The Pandemic

Olaf Zorn opened Black Sheep Athletics, a CrossFit affiliate 8-years ago. He always knew how important nutrition was but wasn't sure how to build a program from scratch.

During the pandemic, he decided to turn the informal nutrition conversations into a comprehensive nutrition coaching program.

Fast-forward 8-months, he says, “The biggest bright spot since adding this program is how grateful our clients are now that we are offering nutrition coaching.”

In this episode, we talk about how adding nutrition coaching has improved his business and how he plans to continue to expand the program to help people in his community who are not members of his CrossFit gym.

A highlight of Black Sheep Athletics social media graphics

Olaf and his nutrition team prioritize nutrition during classes, in their social media, and the free help they provide to the community.

Curious what the Healthy Steps Nutrition Program Looks Like From A Client's Perspective?

In this episode, we mentioned turning a nutrition seminar into an evergreen funnel. Enter your info below to see what we mean! 

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