How To Increase Nutrition Coaching Revenue In A Gym

We didn’t open up gyms to become millionaires, but we do need to make a living, pay coaches and be able to reinvest in the business.
When done right, adding a nutrition program can significantly increase your revenue.

Here are two levers that will skyrocket your ability to increase revenue with nutrition coaching: sales and fulfillment.

In order to make the impact you want, you need people signing up for your service. In order to scale and grow, you need to be able to deliver a professional program and deliver results.
Today, we are focusing on lever #1: Sales. 
The average gym has less than 5% of revenue coming from nutrition. In HSN Mentoring, the average is over 20% of revenue.
Let’s dive into how to increase your monthly recurring revenue with nutrition coaching.

Step 1: Price Your Nutrition Coaching Program Appropriately

Charge too little, and your clients won’t take it seriously. You also won’t be able to pay a nutrition coach a reasonable amount and make a profit.
Charge too much, without social proof, and you will scare potential new clients away. At HSN Mentoring, we recommend two tiers of nutrition coaching based on accountability and support.
The average gym charges $179-199/month for three months, then $129-149/month ongoing for lower tier/accountability nutrition coaching.
At HSN HQ, we charge $100 per month for a higher-tier nutrition coaching service that provides additional accountability. Most of our nutrition-only clients sign up for the higher tier. We see increased results and retention with higher-tier nutrition clients because of the additional support.
We have a handful of gyms that have taken the higher-tier accountability nutrition coaching offering and turned it into a high ticket offer, charging $3000-$5000 for this 12-week program. Rob talked about how he did it and went from zero dollars in recurring nutrition revenue to over $20,000 per month (yes, that’s twenty thousand) on this podcast.
In order to sell high-ticket nutrition, you need social proof and a system to deliver results. That’s exactly, what you get with HSN Mentoring.
How much to pay your coach?
Most gym owners pay the nutrition coach about 45-50% of their revenue from nutrition.
There are costs associated with nutrition coaching like client acquisition, software to manage clients, credit card processing fees, insurance and more.

Step 2: Create Nutrition-Only AND Hybrid Nutrition and Fitness Offerings.

In a gym, you have three buckets of people for nutrition coaching.
#1: Your current members who aren’t seeing the results they are looking for because they need support with nutrition.
Make it easy for them to add a nutrition coaching membership and upgrade to nutrition and fitness.
At Healthy Steps Nutrition and CrossFit HSN, our gym members pay the same amount as a nutrition-only client getting started with nutrition for the first three months because they are getting the same service and level of support with our expert nutrition coaches.


#2: Past members, people on your email list, your network or your member’s network who aren’t interested in the gym but they are looking for nutrition.
Having a nutrition-only offering allows you to help with these people and meet them where they are. You never know who might want fitness one day.


#3: New members looking to lose weight, get in shape, change their body composition.
I can say with 100% conviction that you will see better results doing nutrition coaching, fitness and accountability. I’m not selling clients on nutrition when they come in; I’m guiding them to the best option to help them see their results.
To increase sales for your nutrition program, you need to be able to execute on what you are promising… results. You need social proof through Google reviews and client success stories showcasing how you can help people reach the results they are looking for with your nutrition and fitness coaching program.
Once you have the systems to deliver a nutrition coaching program and coaches who can confidently execute, it’s time to start increasing nutrition sign-ups to increase client results and retention and add a significant revenue stream to your business. 

Step 3: Build Nutrition Into Your Sales Process & Start Enrolling People Into Your Program

After you’ve created a marketing plan around providing value and free help to position yourself as a guide to help people with nutrition, it’s time to start enrolling people in your program.
Whoever is doing your sales needs to feel confident in what you are offering and the value you are offering to help solve their problems.

In order to increase your enrollment rate for nutrition and fitness, people need to see nutrition help and nutrition success stories before their free intro/sales consultation. If it’s a surprise to them that you are talking about nutrition, they will feel like you are just trying to sell them on something, and they probably won’t buy at all.

What can you do as a gym owner to increase awareness about your nutrition coaching program? 
  • Add nutrition content to your email sequences.
  • Post healthy recipes on your social media.
  • Post nutrition tips on your social media.
  • Ask your clients for google reviews that say nutrition in them.
  • Capture success stories and share them to your entire list then add them to your new lead email sequence.


Increasing nutrition revenue in your gym is simple if you have dialed in the two levers; sales and fulfillment.

If you are a gym owner looking to save time and not reinvent the wheel when building, launching and scaling a nutrition program so that you can increase your revenue by over 20%, we would love to help!

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