Introducing The 2023 Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Updates

Over the past 11 years, we have had the privilege of helping over 4,000 gym owners and coaches start, streamline, and scale nutrition coaching programs. By adding a habit-based nutrition and health coaching program in a gym, your members will see better results, increasing retention while adding a revenue stream for the gym.
The overwhelming feedback from 10+ year gym owners who have invested the time and energy into building a habit-based nutrition and accountability program is that it has deepened the connection with their clients and has allowed the staff to support their clients in a more significant way.

At Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring, everything we do filters through two primary objectives:

Will this set the business up for success?
Will this increase the coach’s confidence to make a greater impact when working with clients?
Every year, the Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring team looks at trends and best practices to help gyms scale their program AND increase the confidence of the coaches facilitating the program.
Every year, our team refreshes the training to level up how we support gym owners and coaches and ongoing mentoring to scale their programs.
The 2023 Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring program updates are here; we are excited to share them!

2023 Healthy Steps Nutrition Coaching & Mentoring Program Updates:

  • Training now includes 6-weeks of nutrition and health coaching with Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ for every gym owner and coach who is getting certified. How can we expect new coaches to feel confident doing something they have never experienced first-hand? The goal is to provide an experience with the Healthy Steps Nutrition coaching program from a client’s perspective so that coaches gain confidence.
  • Free Intro Role Play Mentoring Call During Training. A clearly defined sales process to build a successful nutrition coaching program in a gym is paramount. We can say with 100% conviction the best way to grow a nutrition program in a gym is to have a solid front-end offer and feel confident guiding people to that option. We’ve doubled down with the support given to help gym owners create a sales process that guides clients to get started with nutrition, fitness, and accountability on day one.
  • New HSN Mentoring App Programs. The Healthy Steps Nutrition App is your house for nutrition coaching. You can keep all communication between coaches and clients in one place, the Healthy Steps Nutrition App (so they are not texting, Facebook messaging, and emailing you). There is habit-tracking with over 100 habits and the ability to create your own in the HSN app. This feature will allow you to create a plan focused around one habit at a time that your client wants to work on and will yield results. The NEW programs in the HSN App (Individual, 28-Day Health & Wellness Challenge & A 28-Day Performance Challenge) include daily videos and scheduled messages focused around the holistic approach. Every day your client will receive a professional video (1-2 minutes) providing education and simple tips to take one step at a time to become a healthier version of themselves. These videos address nutrition tips, sleep, stress management, mindset, sleep, support system, daily movement, kitchen tips, and healthy recipes. . 
Here is a screenshot of one of the 12-week individual programs showing daily videos addressing each pillar in the Healthy Steps Nutrition Framework and rescheduled messages. The videos only feature the Registered Dietitians at Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ and are professionally made to ensure you are delivering a professional experience in your gym. 
  • New & Improved Client-Centered Questions and Support For Coaches. As a gym owner, you don’t have time to focus on developing skills for your nutrition coaches; that’s why every week, there are live sessions with the HSN Mentoring experts, monthly education webinars, and monthly 1:1 mentoring calls with your nutrition coaches and an expert mentor. 
  • Increased Marketing Support: In addition to weekly nutrition tips, nutrition seminar content, weekly emails, and video scripts, HSN Mentoring now provides reel templates to make it easy for you to keep nutrition a consistent part of your message.
  • The average cost for nutrition has increased from $169 to $199 per month for the first three months, then $129 to $149 per month ongoing. Coaches are making more money from nutrition AND gym owners are increasing their profits! 

Imagine a team working on the nutrition side of your business so that you can focus on serving your community. 

That’s exactly what we do at Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring! 

Are you looking to save time and not reinvent the wheel when building a nutrition program in your gym?

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we focus on a simple habit-based approach. 

We know that helping you become the best and healthiest version of yourself isn’t just about telling you what to eat or going to the gym a few hours a week. Our holistic coaching program addresses nutrition, mindset, sleep, daily movement, support system, and lifestyle paired with our expert coaches for accountability and support. 

Our mission is to help one million people take control of their health one step at a time so they can prevent and reverse chronic disease.

In order to do that, we need gym owners and coaches with their boots on the ground, using the Healthy Steps Nutrition framework to empower their communities to make health a way of life. 

HSN Mentoring provides a turn-key solution for gym owners to start, streamline and scale a professional nutrition coaching program in their gym including training, business systems, nutrition coach certification, an exclusive app to manage clients, and ongoing mentoring. 


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Are you a gym owner looking to start, streamline and scale a nutrition coaching program in your gym?

How It Works With Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring:

Step 1: Book A Free Call

Owners are required to book and be present on free calls (and you are welcome to invite anyone else on the call). 

Step 2: Sign Up & Complete The Training Process

Initial training is for the owner and a coach. It takes about 30 hours to complete the training. Most businesses are done with training in 5-6 weeks.

Step 3: Launch Your Professional Nutrition Coaching Program

Launch with a challenge to recoup the cost of the initial investment or start with individual nutrition coaching. HSN Mentoring will help you create your launch plan and strategy during training to support your business goals.