Fuel Success! 3 Tips To Keep Your Nutrition Business Growing This Summer

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During the vibrant summer months, when the days are longer and the sun shines brighter, nutrition businesses often encounter a unique challenge: maintaining momentum and keeping their nutrition business growing. As the season beckons with vacations, outdoor activities, and social gatherings, many clients find themselves preoccupied with various engagements, diverting their attention from their health and wellness goals.

However, this is precisely the time for nutrition coaches to rise above the common summer slowdown, and employ proactive strategies that ensure a strong, and flourishing business. By understanding the dynamics at play, and implementing targeted approaches, nutrition coaches can not only weather the seasonal lull, but also seize the opportunity to foster client engagement, and drive their nutrition business forward.

In this blog post we will provide 4 tips to keep your nutrition business growing this summer and avoid the trends of a slow market! Growth is possible during the summer!

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Tip #1 - Set New Goals For Your Current Clients

Summer is busy, especially for people with kids! So much changes for clients in regards to their schedule. Goals that may have been possible during winter months may not be feasible during the summer.

Now is the perfect time to meet with your clients and set some new health goals. Events such as vacations and social gatherings often make it very challenging to stick to former routines. Increasing awareness of this schedule change before it becomes an issue is the best practice.

By setting some new achievable goals that align with a clients lifestyle, they are more likely to stay engaged, focused and motivated.

nutrition coach setting new goals with client as a way to keep the nutrition business growing over the summer

Tip #2 - Increase Your Summer Social Content

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Up your game when it comes to free education! One of the biggest challenges nutrition clients face during the summer is the constant opportunity to eat out or at social gatherings. They struggle with knowing what to eat when faced with so many choices and temptations.

Providing tips and tricks in the form of weekly emails, a monthly newsletter, video content like reels or shorts, and infographics will be very helpful in educating an audience. Not only will this help your current clients, but you will also be growing awareness, and reaching potential clients who are consuming your content.

Here are some tips regarding content topics:

  • Reduced sugar drink guide

  • Manageable alcohol consumption guide

  • Travel tips related to healthy snacks

  • How to stay hydrated

  • How to order healthy at a restaurant

  • How to eat at a BBQ

  • Quick meal ideas and recipes

a infographic showing different summer activities to help engage clients and keep the nutrition business growing

Listed are some of the main outlets many industry professionals use to educate an audience:

  • Instagram

    • Reels

    • Feed posts

    • Stories

    • Lives

  • Facebook

    • Feed posts

    • Stories

    • Lives

  • YouTube

    • Long form video content

    • Shorts and lives

  • A Blog

  • Email Content

    • Weekly emails

    • Monthly newsletter

The key is to be consistent across one main platform, and slowly branch into another after you maintain consistency with one. Just like with nutrition coaching, layering on habits rather than piling everything up at once is the key to long term success.

a nutrition coach practicing what she preaches and showing it on social in order to keep the nutrition business growing

Bonus Pro Tip

Nutrition coaches reading this blog post should take the opportunity to showcase what they are doing this summer to stay on track with their health goals. Many clients will look at what a coach is doing in order to be successful and try to model that behavior.

Nutrition coaching isn’t always about the one on one. Learning how to relay a message and using social to educate a broader audience is very important! You never know where the ideal client will come from!

Some tips for a nutrition coach to showcase their summer lifestyle:

  • Video how they pack a healthy cooler

  • Do a highlight video of your camping trip and dinners

  • Share a story of a “healthier” beach day

By creating free content that has a ton of value, consumers will be excited to get access to a program or course that is a paid service. Remember that the nutrition industry as a whole is full of content that may not be the best for your audience or clients to consume.

Everywhere we turn there is a new protein powder, or a package of supplements to buy. If you can help clients navigate the noise by becoming a trusted resource, you will be a leg up on your competition.

Tip #3 - Up The Community Outreach Game In The Summer

people getting their picture taken at a community event held by a nutrition coach

Increasing awareness is crucial when it comes to a nutrition business growing. The more people who know about the program, and the benefits of having a coach, the better! Most people assume that fitness is the primary activity to start when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Their friends say join a gym, take some supplements, and all of a sudden you will lose weight and be healthy!

It isn’t that simple, and as we know, nutrition is the missing piece of the puzzle. Coming up with a strategy to increase your community outreach offerings so that you establish yourself, and your services as the primary nutrition business in the area is important!

Check out this article on guerilla marketing ideas. It details some great ways to get in front of potential clients using fun, not so ordinary techniques. Establishing community partners and squading up with local businesses is a great idea to increase interest, awareness, and educate consumers about both parties business.

  1. Make a list of potential businesses you could see your clients or athletes using. You could even survey and ask them where they like to eat, go to coffee, or buy athletic clothes.

  2. Reach out to these businesses and see if they are willing to partner in either a community workout, or some type of nutrition talk event. Talk about next steps and plan an event!

You would be surprised at how many businesses are also looking for out of the box ways to both grow their clientele and support another other local business. Work together to build each others reach.

Wrap Up

By implementing the strategies above, you will definitely be able to keep your nutrition business growing this summer. Remember that being a nutrition coach grants you the power to create meaningful changes in people’s lives by fostering healthy habits, and promoting overall wellness. This world is a better place because of nutrition coaches. Running a nutrition business is a rewarding profession that can positively influence individuals, families, and communities through the transformative power of nutrition, and lifestyle choices.

Developing a “summer plan”, before the lull in engagement happens provides an advantage over the “wait and see” approach.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the nutrition industry growing?

The nutrition industry is in a huge growth stage. It is expected to reach a whopping $347.5 billion by 2025, and is growing at a rate of 6.6% per year. Personalized nutrition businesses such as apps and individualized nutrition programs are growing at a higher rate of 15% each year.

The protein powders market is growing at an extremely high rate and is expected to reach $32.6 billion by 2027. There has been a big increase in interest of pea protein searches by consumers according to Google Trends.

With obesity on the rise there is an overwhelming need for nutrition coaches. Setting yourself up for success through a business plan, and systems is the first step in becoming successful. At HSN Mentoring, we provide a turn key solution to starting a nutrition coaching business in a gym, or as a solopreneur. Our program teaches the nutrition business side, and is also the only nutrition coaching certification that provides a real life application to coaching.

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