3 Reasons to Keep Nutrition in House

1. Consistency. Just like consistency equals results in training, consistency also equals results with your nutrition program. In order for you to know that your clients are getting a consistent message, they need to be receiving the message from you and your staff.  Your systems will ensure that there is consistency with contact, support & accountability from their coach.  They will also ensure consistency of the business practices related to running a nutrition program.

2. Opportunity. Not only do you want to help your clients, but you also want to help your employees. By offering an in-house nutrition program, you are providing an employee with an opportunity to create a career doing something they love, and at the same time, generating revenue for the gym. If your clients want something they aren’t getting from you, the likelyhood they will seek it from another resource is high.

3. Philosophy. It’s important that the nutrition program your clients and staff members take part in is in line with your philosophy as a business owner and wellness provider. The only way you have control over that is if the program you are running is in-house and staffed with your employees who are relaying your message. If you have clients come to you because they aren’t seeing results, it could be because their nutrition is not on point and it may have absolutely nothing to do with their fitness training protocol. If you discover they are members of some random nutrition program, you will have no control over the information they are using to try to succeed. Often times people will blame what’s in front of them and if the program they are using is online, they will blame the fitness because it’s right there. They will attribute their lack of success or results to your facility. Y

My Story

As a gym owner I was & still am constantly looking for ways to help my members become the healthiest they can be using fitness and nutrition as a catalyst. Before I met HSN, I used to run nutrition challenges using different “diet plans” like whole 30, paleo, and other templates I found online. My clients consistently lost weight every challenge, and they consistently gained it back after the challenge was over.  I wasn’t naïve to the fact that they weren’t learning habits during the challenges. They were following a short term plan without a long term goal & there was no education or accountability after the challenge was over for continued support.

At the time, I had two coaches that were members of an online nutrition program. They were doing “macros” and had committed to a 3-month program where they would “check in” with a coach online. There check in’s consisted of submitting answers to some questions online, then waiting for their “coach” to answer back. Both of them were enjoying the program, but wished they could meet face to face with their coach. In addition to these two coaches participating in this program, I had a few members that were getting their “macros” from another online source. Through the grapevine, I found out that quite a few of my members were doing some type of online “macro” or template coaching. Sooner than late, all these people began to talk and nutrition became a BIG topic in our gym. The participants of these different programs would argue which was better and which was correct & more credible. Because of this situation, I learned that not only did I desperately need a nutrition program, but I needed one in house.

Why In-House? 

So, I searched locally high and low. I emailed local dietitians with no luck. Somehow, I finally stumbled upon the HSN website. I set up my FREE call with Nicole. I joined right away.

No longer did my members need to sign up for some online program where their only option for accountability is an email. By offering in house nutrition, clients and potential members have the opportunity to change their lives through nutrition & fitness all under one roof. The message they receive is consistent from every coach at our gym.

My coaches and myself have helped SO MANY people change their lives using the HSN platform. I simply don’t know what you are waiting for. If your story is similar to mine, or you simply want to help people live longer lives – book your free intro call today with Nicole.

Heather Kiddo

HSN Mentor