Nutrition Coaching Starts on Day 1

About two years ago, I was on the phone with an affiliate owner. He had over 250 clients at one of his locations. We were discussing his nutrition program and he said, “It would have been much easier to sell nutrition if I talked about it from Day 1.” You see, he sold them on fitness and CrossFit as the solution to help them achieve their goals. But really, he should have been selling nutrition and fitness.

So why aren’t we building nutrition into the foundations program? The following week, I released OnRamp Nutrition Programming. It is scripted for the coach and easy to use. You don’t need to be a nutrition coach to discuss the importance of water and hydration or why your client should eat around their workouts or how to create an easy balanced meal using the plate method. OnRamp Nutrition Programming goes through a different nutrition topic during every session with a few tips for the new member. Clients leave with actionable steps to start making nutrition a priority.

This is a great to get the conversation going, but we wanted more people to be invested in nutrition from day 1. During No Sweat Intros with new potential clients, they tell us that they want to lose weight. Nutrition is the most important factor in the equation. If we could start new clients with a customized nutrition plan plus fitness option from day 1, their results are exponentially better. 

Last year, we tested a “Gold” OnRamp. We included customized nutrition in their OnRamp package, then the client would convert over to a wellness membership, hybrid nutrition + fitness. It was a GAME CHANGER. Today, this is the recommended option for clients.

When people think of CrossFit, nutrition isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. It might not come to mind at all, unless you are talking about it.

When a new client comes in the door, you NEED to be discussing nutrition from day 1. You need to explain the role of nutrition in achieving their goals. It is a vital piece to help build a sustainable nutrition program.

If you aren’t incorporating nutrition into foundations and have an option for clients to upgrade to customized nutrition, it’s time to revamp your on boarding programs.

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