Additional Subscription to Training Course (Active Mentoring Clients ONLY)


This subscription includes: 
  • Online training course
  • 6-Weeks Of Nutrition Coaching With Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ Coaches
  • Wrap-Up Mentoring & Training Calls
  • Coach Evaluation


*Coaches must complete the entire training process to obtain the Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach Certification & Use The HSN Mentoring Platform To Coach Clients*



At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we focus on a simple, habit-based approach.

The training process to add a new coach to become a Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach includes online training, practical application, mentoring and, lastly, a coach evaluation.

This training includes access to all of the content in the Healthy Steps Nutrition Coaching – CrossFit Preferred Nutrition Course.

This product is for active Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Clients Only. 

Upon completion, the coach will earn 30 CrossFit CEUs.

This course is non-transferrable.