Whitebelt Athletics Partnered With Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Program To Build and Deliver Professional Nutrition Coaching To Their Members.

“Healthy Steps Nutrition gave us what we needed to not only get the nutrition program up and running but the resources to make it thrive.”

Trey Burdette, Owner of Whitebelt Athletics

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Whitebelt Athletics is located in Chatanooga, Tennessee

Trey bought Whitebelt CrossFit, in Chattanooga, in 2019. He knew nutrition was the missing piece in his gym and that he needed someone to help him run a nutrition program.
Trey hired Emily to lead their nutrition program and partnered with Healthy Steps Nutrition & HSN Mentoring in 2021.
As the Nutrition Coach at Whitebelt Athletics, Emily works with clients to create customized nutrition plans based on their goals then provides support and accountability based on the client’s habits.
Emily has such a passion for helping people. She left her full-time job in sales to run the nutrition program at Whietbelt Athletics and opened a meal prep company while going through the HSN coach training.
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What Clients Are Saying

Mia joined Whitebelt Athletics with the desire to become more fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. She needed a coach for guidance and accountability.
When she started with nutrition coach, Emily at Whitebelt Athletics she realized this was the missing piece of the puzzle to her healthy lifestyle.
Now Mia looks forward to passing on the nutrition knowledge she has learned to her children, to be active and eat healthy.
Check out Mia’s story and how Emily, Nutrition Coach at Whitebelt Athletics, has helped her.
Meet Chris, he sits behind a desk all day for work, he wanted to be active and needed accountability. 
Check out Chris’s story and how Emily, nutrition coach at Whitebelt Athletics provided him with the foundations and accountability that he was looking for. Listen here👇🏽

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