Your First Client

Regardless of what business you are starting, getting the first client through the door can be both the scariest part, as well as the most exciting. Getting those first clients, and your success in working with them can determine the trajectory of your business.

In order to get those first clients, it is important that you are living proof of your program. People are more likely to connect with and commit to someone who embodies the service they are providing. Start by explaining your why. Tell people why you are passionate about nutrition, why you want to help them, and how you got to the point where you are at.

Once you have your “why” laid out, you can create your philosophy, mission and vision. Your philosophy should be what you represent, regardless of the new nutrition trends or FADs that arise. At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we don’t have a secret sauce when it comes to our philosophy. We focus on balance and real foods the provide clients with the support and accountability to achieve long-term success. Take time to build your philosophy, as this is what will drive your actions throughout the life of your business.

Now that you have your story and your philosophy ready, it is time to get the word out there. Your website is the first impression your clients will have. It is important that it is professional, easy to navigate, and clear.

On your website, it is important to include:

  • Your story

  • Your philosophy

  • Your services

  • Success stories

  • Pricing

  • Content

  • A way to collect emails from interested parts

One easy way to capture emails to create an email marketing list is to offer an Intro to Nutrition Handbook or FREE Starter Guide. Every time someone signs up for the e-book, you collect their email. Later, you will be able to use these emails to send out content.

After your website is ready to share with the public, start pushing out content to the emails you have collected. Email content has been the single most important thing that we have done to grow any of the businesses under the Healthy Steps Nutrition umbrella.  You should also create love letters, which are plain text emails that talk about commonly asked nutrition questions.

Social media is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to building awareness about your brand. With every post you make, you need to provide value and establish yourself as the expert. You might post infographics, tips, recipes, and success stories. Managing your social media account is a time investment but well worth the ROI if it is done properly. Create a social media content calendar- if you need help you can download one on our get free help page. Use a scheduling app to help with automating the posting process.

If you are looking for inspiration on what to post- follow @healthystepsnutrition on Instagram.

By using your content to relate to people and tell real stories, you will be able to engage your first clients.

Your first clients will come once they know how you can help them achieve what they want now. Once you get your first clients: ask them if you can share their story. Our clients are so proud of their hard work and love to be highlighted in our newsletters and social media.

All these steps to start your business may seem daunting, but HSN Mentoring has set up a turn-key solution for you.

If you are ready to start your business now and want to use a ready-made business plan with monthly mentoring calls, book a call today!