3 Tips To Help You Price & Package Nutrition Coaching Programs In A Gym

The #1 question I get asked from gym owners is, “What should I charge for nutrition coaching?” 
When adding a nutrition coaching program to your gym, you need to determine how you will price and package your nutrition coaching programs. 



When I started Healthy Steps Nutrition, I struggled to help my clients as much as they needed and grow my business because I made so many mistakes with pricing and packaging.


I want you to avoid these mistakes! 


In this video, I will teach you three things to consider when pricing and packaging your nutrition coaching program to ensure you aren’t starting at zero clients per month! 

Tip #1: Make Sure You Take Into Account In-Person & Virtual Follow-up When Pricing Your Program

Your client need support between visits to help them stay accountable to the habits they are working on. Make sure you include a buffer in your nutrition coaching program. 
At Healthy Steps Nutrition HQ, we build in 30-minutes per month for support between in-person or virtual video check-ins with clients. 

Tip #2: Set Your Packages Up Properly

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we recommend a 3-month commitment for nutrition coaching. This give your nutrition coach time to help clients create a solid foundation of healthy habits and show the value of accountability to help your clients stay on track. 
In order to support your clients with nutrition coaching beyond 3-months, your coach needs time to build rapport and the relationship with the client. 
The value of nutrition coaching is in the coach’s ability to keep it simple and keep your client accountable to what they commit to. 

Tip #3: Tier Your Packages Based On Accountability & Support

If you offer personal training or group fitness classes in your gym, you probably offer different tiers of accountability and support. If a client is coming in 3x a week, they will pay more than a client coming in 2x week. The same principle applies when adding a nutrition coaching program in a gym. 
If you have a client who needs more touchpoints with a coach, they should pay more. 

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