3 Tools You Need to Run A Successful Nutrition Program

It took me an entire year to convince my husband we needed an InBody machine. The thought of investing $6,000 into a piece of equipment before we opened the doors of our gym was a stretch. 

I’m thankful we did. To date, it was the best investment we made in our nutrition program. Here’s why. 

Muscle weighs more than fat. When clients come to you for nutrition coaching, they are focused on one thing, the number of the scale. It is your job as a nutrition coach to help them understand that body composition, specifically their muscle to body fat ratio, is far more important than a number on the scale. 

The InBody machine allows us to get a comparison and track progress with our clients within seconds. The best part is the process is non-invasive. We don’t have to make clients feel uncomfortable pinching their back fat. The results are consistent whether I do a scan or any of our nutrition coaches help with the scan.

A question that gets asked during almost every free call I have with gym owners is “What do I need to run my nutrition program?” 

I wrote all about the importance of having a way to test your client’s progress in my book, Nourish. For the first 10 years in private practice, I used an OmRon. It worked but it didn’t give the full picture to our clients. I wanted a way to show our clients all their hard work was paying off. The progress charts and full print out from the InBody allows us to show our clients the full picture. 

Most gym owners understand they need something, many think they could borrow or organize the best machine possible to come to their facility and test everyone. 

We do not recommend this. 

The problem is you need something convenient for your clients. You need a way to test body fat in your nutrition office that’s easy and consistent same measuring tool every time they come in for a follow-up visit. 

You don’t want to use a DEXA scan for a challenge then switch to an OmRon for individual coaching, you need something consistent. 

Do we recommend the InBody for clients? Yes, over 50 percent of gyms using the HSN Platform have an InBody machine. Is it necessary to run a successful nutrition program? No.

The most important thing is that you have a consistent tool to measure your client’s progress that’s accessible in your facility at all times. 

Here are 3 things you absolutely need to run a successful nutrition program: 

1. Body Fat Testing Tool

We recommend the InBody or OmRon. Dylan Crane is the rep for HSN clients. There are special perks and rates if you go through him. You can find the OmRon most gyms use to test their client’s body fat >>HERE.   Here is Dylan’s contact if you are interested in finding out more about an InBody machine >> dylan.crane@inbody.com. 

2. Tape Measure

Inches fall off much faster than weight and body fat. Testing your client’s measurements will allow you to find positive changes and bright spots. Those successes will lead to motivation to continue. 

3. 3-Compartment Containers

Your clients need a visual of what their plate should look like. 3-compartment containers are a great thing to have to give all new clients. We provide one to every new client and they are available to buy in packs of 10 at the gym. 

Don’t overcomplicate the tools you need for your program. Don’t let not having an InBody machine hold you back from starting to help your clients with nutrition. When you are ready, make sure you have a way to test your client’s progress and show them all their hard work is paying off.