3 Ways to Get Coaches Bought In

Your nutrition program can’t reach its full potential if you are the only one on staff singing its praises on social media or directly with members. Having a clear and consistent message about what your program is and how it can help others is a sure way to share that education with your members in a broad stroke!

The support of your entire team helps identify you as the nutrition expert on staff and provides a united front in the face of so many mixed messages. Bottom line is that the more supportive your environment is of your program, the more It will flourish and that benefits everyone.

How can you make sure the rest of the staff is giving your program good word of mouth in your absence? Follow these three steps and let us know if helps create a consistent and supported message about what your nutrition program can do!

1.      Prepare – Before launching the program to the general membership, share the ins and outs of your program with the very people that will help it grow. Schedule a staff meeting and give them as much detail about the program that you can – without overwhelming them. Sharing a brief elevator pitch gives them confidence when asked about the program AND ensures they are giving out a clear and consistent message. Teaching them how to use the booking software and specifically how to book in on your behalf ensures quick action when a member is motivated. Some people learn best by doing, so this would be a great opportunity for role play – you can use different scenarios from discussing nutrition on the gym floor in an unstructured environment to structured free intro sit down appointments.

2.      Include –  Although this is your program, it is a team effort to include the entire staff in its execution and long-term success. As the growth of the program directly impacts the gym’s revenue, then it only makes sense to give coaches a role in the day to day on goings. Providing them with nutrition questions of the day to implement weekly conversations with members, including them on the nutrition board to make the information more relevant and featuring them in your social media postings are just some examples of how to showcase a team approach. Another great way is to include your staff in the program launch itself – enroll them in your kickoff challenge! Have them lead by example and motivate in the HSN app group. This only builds credibility for your program and helps develop rapport with non-nutrition coaches and general members.

3.      Educate – The better a coach understands what your nutrition program is about and how it can help your members, the more they will refer those members to you! To get them more education about HSN, we recommend you adding them as a client to the HSN App and assigning them the Coaches’ Development Course. That will prompt them to book a free intro with you and dive deeper into what it means to work with you – who knows, maybe you’ll get a valued client out of it!

What’s in it for them? There are so many opportunities to pair individual nutrition coaching with individual personal training. As staff is referring to you for nutrition coaching, as should you for personal training services or other specialty programming. Referring within and supporting fellow staff fosters a fantastic workplace environment.

Remember, the best spokespeople for your program are the clients themselves, but during a launch, before your client roster fills, you will depend on your co-workers to get the word out! Help them feel prepared, included and educated so they can support you and your business to the best of their ability. Always make sure to support their programs in return, and together, you’ll build the best brand possible!

Have you scheduled a staff meeting that focuses on your nutrition program? Even if your program isn’t new, it isn’t too late to shape that message!

Lindsay M McDonald
Senior Mentor
Healthy Steps Nutrition