In 2012, Nicole Aucoin, Founder and CEO of Healthy Steps Nutrition, did something many people only dream of doing. She left a stable, salaried position as a hospital dietitian to become her own boss. As any business start-up, Nicole faced challenges along the way. However, her passion for changing people’s lives through nutrition and exercise kept her from giving up and going back to the comforts of her old job. She evaluated, assessed, and adjusted her approach, and has been able to scale the program to help dietitians and fitness facilities implement nutrition around the  world. Whether you are a registered dietitian or a gym owners, this road-map will lead you to a profitable nutrition program.


The Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Program empowers dietitians and gym owners to provide a comprehensive nutrition program for their clients that will set the foundation for making health a way of life.


Healthy Steps Nutrition has developed the gold standard for building a nutrition business from the initial stages of launching to a profitable program. It has set out to be the resource for gym owners and dietitians use to build profitable nutrition programs. The turn-key approach has guided hundreds of gym owners and dietitians and has proven results. It is the how-to guide for starting a nutrition business from the ground up.