Are You Turning Clients Away?

How much do you think you are losing when you turn away clients who ask about nutrition? A few hundred dollars? A few thousand dollars?

Let’s do the math. If a client signs up for the least expensive nutrition package, based on the HSN model, they are paying $169 per month for a minimum of 3 months–just for nutrition. That is $507. After you pay $225 to the nutrition coach running the program, that leaves about $281 per client to put back into the gym. If you have just 10 of these clients, that is $2810 additional revenue for three months of work, with the possibility of converting them to ongoing nutrition clients.

Now, if new or existing member signs up for a Wellness Membership (CrossFit+Nutrition), which is an additional $75 a month based on the HSN model, that’s $900 in extra revenue from that one client over the course of a year. Imagine having 10 members on a Wellness Membership. You just brought in $9000 in additional revenue in one year to your facility without adding one new member.

How many of your current members have asked you about nutrition recently? Using the numbers above, do the math on how much money you turned away.

Running your own nutrition program is not JUST about increasing revenue. There are other long-term drawbacks to sending members to an outside source, including:

  • Putting their success in the hands of someone else
  • Not having a say in the nutrition philosophy that they follow
  • A variety of nutrition beliefs at your facility


Doing nutrition with your clients secures their long-term commitment to you. Yes, it impacts the bottom line, but it also impacts the culture at your facility, and who they attribute their success too.

Don’t send clients elsewhere for nutrition-you can start running an effective nutrition program in just one month with our help.