Podcast Episode 192: CrossFit Medical Society: What CrossFit Affiliate Owners & Coaches Need To Know

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin sits down with Mike Giardina to explore the evolving relationship between CrossFit and healthcare. They delve into the significance of building connections between gym owners and healthcare professionals to combat chronic diseases through lifestyle interventions. Mike shares insights from his 20-year CrossFit journey, emphasizing the holistic benefits beyond physical fitness, […]

Podcast Episode 191: What You Need To Know When Planning A Fall Nutrition Challenge In A Gym

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin dives into the intricacies of launching and managing nutrition challenges. Nicole discusses the holistic approach to health, which includes nutrition, stress management, mindset, sleep, and exercise. She emphasizes the importance of setting up a proper challenge structure, engaging participants, and converting them to ongoing nutrition coaching. Key points include the […]

Podcast Episode 190: Creating Healthcare Partnerships In Your Gym To Serve More People In Your Community

In this episode. Nicole Aucoin delves into the importance of a holistic approach to nutrition. Emphasizing the inadequacies of the traditional healthcare system, Nicole recounts her journey from a hospital dietitian to establishing successful healthcare partnerships. She discusses the critical steps in creating a professional nutrition coaching program, aligning with healthcare providers, and ultimately, helping […]

Podcast Episode 189: Incorporating Nutrition Into Bring A Friend Week At Your Gym

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin delves into the strategy and benefits of integrating nutrition coaching into your gym’s Bring a Friend Week. Nicole shares insights on how to effectively register participants, maintain personalized communication, and structure classes to ensure a comfortable and welcoming experience. She discusses the importance of incorporating nutrition from the first interaction, […]

Podcast Episode 188: How To Increase Nutrition Memberships With Fitness Clients Inside A Gym

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Lindsay McDonald discuss enhancing engagement in nutrition coaching programs within gym environments. They highlight the common scenario where gyms expand to include nutrition coaching but struggle to engage members effectively. The importance of gym owners and staff understanding and confidently promoting the nutrition program, integrating nutrition coaching into the […]

Podcast Episode 187: Nutrition Coach Development & Tips For Gym Owners When Building A Nutrition Program

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Nikki Graham discuss the vital components of a strong nutrition program within a gym environment, emphasizing proactive support for coaches and ensuring program sustainability. They explore the benefits of initiatives like “Coaching the Coaches,” which provide practical examples and mentorship to empower confident coaching. Emphasizing the importance of diversifying […]

Podcast Episode 186: How To Build An Employee Wellness Program In A CrossFit Gym

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin, shares valuable insights on building successful employee wellness programs beyond gym premises. She emphasizes a holistic approach to health, including nutrition, stress management, mindset, sleep support, lifestyle, and exercise, highlighting the benefits of fostering engagement and group support within companies. Nicole discusses practical strategies for structuring programs, such as six-week […]

Podcast Episode 185: Combining Nutrition & Mindset To Empower Mental & Physical Health Inside Your Gym

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin and Melinda North discuss their recent 28-day MentalFit Challenge at Portside Fitness, aimed at enhancing holistic wellness by addressing mental health alongside physical well-being. Melinda shares insights from participant experiences, highlighting the importance of proactive mental health care and practices such as journaling and quiet time, in addition to nutrition […]

Podcast Episode 183: Establishing Healthcare Partnerships & Employee Wellness: Inside The Nutrition Coaching Program at CrossFit AMROCK

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin interviews Andrea McDowell, owner of CrossFit Amrock. Andrea shares valuable insights into how CrossFit Amrock has evolved its mission to not only help individuals but also to change the health trajectory within their community. They discuss initiatives such as the Employee Wellness Program, which targets sedentary office workers and introduces […]

Podcast Episode 181: Coaching CrossFit With Larger Body Athletes

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin hosts a conversation with Athena Perez and Kim Labora, who discuss their efforts to empower gym owners and coaches in the CrossFit community to better support larger-bodied athletes. They delve into the modules of their course designed to foster inclusivity, covering topics such as language and obesity awareness, understanding athlete […]

Podcast Episode 180: How To Prevent Burnout As A Gym Owner Or Nutrition Coach

In this episode, Nicole Aucoin welcomes back Dr. Christina Migliara to delve into the vital topic of mindset and mental health within the fitness industry. The conversation explores the recent updates to the MentalFit & Mindset Course, emphasizing the importance of reframing mindset as a skill and breaking it down into five key areas: awareness, […]