The BEST Fitness Gifts Gym Owners & Coaches Can Get For Their Crew!

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Writing about fitness gifts isn’t our typical blog topic however, this article is coming at you highly requested by many gym owners, and nutrition coaches on our staff! So let’s get into it!

It’s that time of year when gym owners, and coaches are looking to get those perfect fitness gifts for their fitness lover friends, family member, clients, and coworkers. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise routines these fitness fanatics are doing, we don’t discriminate. Our goal is to let the gym lovers, and wellness junkies in our life know how much we appreciate them, and their desire to live a longer healthier life.

In this blog post we will highlight the best wellness, and fitness gifts in the industry today! Whether you are buying for employees, clients, friends or family members, we have highlighted options that are all the rage in the fitness, and wellness community.

Gifts For Gym Owners To Get Their Fitness And Nutrition Coaches

I have been on both sides of the toast here. So having experience being both a gym owner, and a coach I feel like I’m pretty qualified putting my input in what I think a great coaches gift would be. Although I love the idea of gym branded apparel, I don’t only want to get my coaches something with the gyms name on it. I think doing both is a great idea!

Coaches Gift #1 - Gym branded apparel

born primitive flannels for fitness gifts

Born Primitive Woodsman Flannel

Take this flannel to your local embroider shop and have the logo embroidered somewhere on the jacket! Everyone LOVES flannel! This would be a great gift for a coach!

fitness gifts Nike Metcons custom

Custom Gym Shoes

Love these custom Metcons! Adding the gym logo, or tagline would be a great gift for a coach and for your members to see on the gym floor!

ogio fitness duffell backpack

Logo Gym Bag OGIO Fitness Duffel Bag

Great all purpose duffel bag that fits all the running shoes and gym things!

OGIO Alpha 20L Backpack fitness gifts

OGIO Alpha 20L Backpack

A Gym bag is all the rage! When you see the Wallstreet Journal writing about them, you know they are a big deal! Get your coaches a bag and slap a logo gym patch on it somewhere.

Coaches Gift #2 - Gym Related Tech & Lifestyle Products

I’m just going to list here some things I know I would love to get as a coach!

cash and a yeti cup sitting on a table

Cash In A Custom Yeti

Nothing says I appreciate you more than money! Putting it in a custom Yeti or water bottle is even better! I've done this multiple times for my coaches and they loved it!

jabre fitness gifts

Jabre Elite Earphones

There are some amazing headphones out there that all coaches will love. If you aren't into ipods, look at the brand Jabra! They are also amazing!

Recovery Related Fitness Gifts For The Ultimate Fitness Fanatic

Recovery is king! Whoever recovers the best is going to be able to perform the best wether that is in competition, or in life! Whether you are wanting soothe sore muscles, or are looking for post workout recovery, these gifts will help your fitness fan, or workout buddy.

Recovery Gift #1 - Foam Rollers

the grid foam roller for fitness gifts

The Grid Foam Roller

This foam roller comes in many different colors and people love it. I have several at my gym.

Recovery Gift #2 - Massage Guns

the rhenpo massage gone fitness gifts

The Rhenpo Massage Gun

31,000 people have purchased this on Amazon so it has to be amazing! Perfect for a gym rats post workout aches!

Recovery Gift #3 - Mobility Bands

General Mobility Bands

Bands make great gifts for athletes! They relieve muscle tension after a intense workout, and help with mobility before the workout.

crossover symmetry for fitness gifts

Crossover Symmetry Hip & Core System

Great for hip opening exercises pre workout, and also for strengthening those hip flexors!

Recovery Gift #4 - Blankets

INfrared sauna blanket for fitness gifts

TDT Infrared Sauna Blanket

Great for recovery and relaxation!

Omystyle weighted blanket

Omystyle Weighted Blanket

Reversible, with cooling fabric!

Best Apparel Fitness Gifts For Wellness Fanatics

I used to wear the most beat up, worn out clothes to the gym until I discovered Lululemon! Good fabric really does make a difference in how you feel when working out.

Apparel Gift #1 - Training Leggings

Lululemon wonder under train tights fitness gifts

Lululemon Wonder Under Train Tight

These tights are for intense workouts! They don't slip, slide, or fall down. I love the drawstring waist & would love them in every color!

born primitive your go to legging 2.0 fitness gifts

Born Primitive Your Go To Legging 2.0

Perfect for intense workouts! This high waistband keeps you covered!

Apparel Gift #2 - Joggers

Joggers are great for that gym lover to pull on post workout, and upscale enough to wear around town. These are favorites!

Born Primitive Recovery Joggers

Born Primitive Recovery Jogger Female

Great for the gym lover to pull on post workout! These are awesome!

Male Recovery Jogger by Born Primitive for fitness gifts

Born Primitive For Males Recovery Jogger

Wear for lifting weights or walking around town. These joggers are very versatile.

Apparel Gift #3 - Hoodies

no bull fitness gifts hoodie

No Bull Performance Hoodie - Ladies

Great looking high performance hoodie! Wear to warm up, and after the workout is over on your way home!

Fitness Gifts For The Fit And Healthy Person Who Already Has Everything!

If you have that person you are buying for that seems to already have everything, here are some fun ideas!

no bull performance hoodie male fitness gifts

No Bull Performance Hoodie Male

Also comes in the male fit! Very stylish and high performing fabric for pre and post workout endeavors.

Got It All Gift #1 - Belt Bags

These are all the rage too, and great for males and females.

Everywhere belt bag by Lululemon for fitness gifts

Everywhere Belt Bag

Great for money, cards, and care items - we love this bag!

fast and free belt bag for fitness gifts

Fast & Free Running Belt Bag

Slim and light for those fast runs, but big enough for the phone and earpod case!

Got It All Gift #2 - Custom Fitness Candles

Full disclosure, I make these candles, and they are a great way to celebrate fitness with that person who has everything! There are pre made “fitness” labels, or you can customize your candle with your own saying or logo! These candles are made with non toxic wax and fragrance oils.

She said candle co fitness collection candle

She Said Candle Co Fitness Collection

Non toxic eco friendly coconut wax candles for that fitness freak!

Miscellaneous Fitness Gifts

Face Gym Skin CleansingKit

Face Gym Skin Cleansing Kit

Clean skin is so important! Love this gift!

winter fitness gloves for fitness gifts

Winter Fitness Gloves

Nobody gets upset when they have too many gloves, and this set has a touch finger for your devices!

bombas socks for fitness gifts

Bombas Socks

The best socks on the planet are Bombas socks! They are cushy but not too thick.

shaker blender for fitness gifts

Shake Blender

Everyone needs a shake blender. Sometimes actually having a nice thick shake instead of the watery ones in the cup mixer is very refreshing.

Best Strength Training Fitness Gifts For Wellness Fanatics

There are so many fitness gifts out there, but the ones in this category could be considered gym equipment. If you have someone to buy for who has a home gym, or just loves to workout, these are all great options.

Exercise Gift #1 - Jump Ropes

One thing I believe that every new CrossFitter should actually purchase (other than all the unnecessary gear they purchase) is a jump rope! Clients who have their own jump ropes don’t have to worry about picking the correct size from the rack on the gym wall. Additionally they can take the jump rope home and use it to complete a full body workout!

SR-1 Speed Rope by Rogue for fitness gifts

Rogue SR-1 Speed Rope

Simple but effective jump rope!

Exercise Gift #2 - Weighted Vests

A weighted vest can be used in the toughest workouts, or as added resistance when walking. Any fitness level can benefit from using a weighted vest. Workouts don’t have to be complicated to be effective! Walking with a weighted vest is one of the best ways to get some steps in, and add some resistance to workouts.

MIR weighted vest for fitness gifts

MIR Weighted Vest

Walking is underated! Wear this, get out there and walk!

Exercise Gift #3 - Barbell

Receiving your very first barbell is an exciting moment! Gone are the days you will have to use the rusty, non spinning hunk of metal racked at the gym. Barbells make a great gift for gym owners to get coaches, or for family members to get coaches or fit friends in their lives.

Rogue Fitness and Fringe Sports offers a wide variety of barbells. There is nothing better than waiting for a barbell you have purchased for some one you care about. It’s so exciting!

Fringe Sports Ladies Barbell 35lb

Fringe Sports Ladies Barbell

Great for olympic lifting, and metcons!

Rogue Fitness Echo Barbell for Fitness Gifts

Rogue Echo Bar

45lb Rogue Echo Bar versatile and perfect for all types of olympic lifting and functional fitness!

Exercise Gift #4 - Barbell Collars

There is nothing more frustrating than worn out gym collars that hundreds of clients use every year. Having your own barbell collars, (even if you don’t own your own barbell but use the gyms) is a game changer!

Keep in mind that you will no longer be able to use tightening your weights, and collar as an excuse to rest!

Synergee barbell collars for fitness gifts

Synergee Barbell Collars

Non slipping aluminium collars - 2 in diameter

rogue aluminum barbell clips for fitness gifts

Rogue USA Aluminum Collars

Mighty collars for that barbell! These strong, don't slip and are amazing.

Wrap Up!

We hope you love this all inclusive list of amazing fitness gifts for all the coaches, family members, gym members, and employees in your life who love healthy and wellness. 

There are so many choices that sometimes it can be overwhelming which is why we narrowed  it down for you. 

Happy Shopping! If you purchase something based off of this list, please share on social media and tag us!