Chronic Disease Webinar & Panel Discussion

In this webinar recording, Dr. Julie Foucher, Nicole Aucoin, Dr. Shakha Gillin and Karen Thomson start a discussion about chronic disease, nutrition, fitness, prevention and what CrossFit affiliate owners can do to promote wellness in their affiliates. 


Nicole Aucoin, MS RD

Founder Healthy Steps Nutrition, CrossFit HSN & HSN Mentoring

Dr. Julie Foucher, MD

Former CrossFit Games Athlete, Founder of Pursuing Health

Dr. Shakha Gillin, MD

Founder of The Warrior Clinic & Former Medical Advisor For CrossFit

Karen Thomson

Founder of Sugar Free Revolution
Topics Discussed: 
  • What is chronic disease?
  • What causes chronic disease?
  • How does nutrition impact your risk of chronic disease?
  • How does fitness impact your risk of chronic disease?
  • What can gym owners do to fight chronic disease at the affiliate level? 

Listen for the live Q&A at the end! 

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Research Mentioned: 
  • BMI & Diabetes Research >>HERE
  • Exercise & Decreased Risk of Chronic Disease >>HERE
  • Exercise & Illness >>HERE
  • CDC: Cancer & Obesity >>HERE
  • World Health Organization: Chronic Disease & Risk Factors (Fact Sheet) >>HERE


Additional Resources For Gym Owners