Client Accountability

By the time a client comes you to, they have probably tried everything to lose weight and get healthy. They have read about losing weight, tried different diets, and maybe even tracked their food. Yet, they came to you because they were unsuccessful.

The knowledge is readily available. So where did it go wrong for them? Most clients think they are looking for nutrition knowledge, but what they really need is accountability and guidance in the right direction. They need someone to set goals with and check in with them regularly to ensure they stay on track.

The value of what you provide in a nutrition program comes from the level of accountability you can provide clients.

Group Message Boards:

People feel supported when there are others that who are taking the same actions as them, such as bringing lunch to work, meal prepping, etc. Creating a group message board, whether on Facebook or in the HSN app, helps clients feel like they are not alone.

With message boards, clients can share recipes, photos, and progress which encourages others to do the same. Also, group members will keep each other accountability during times when it may be hard to stay on track.

Weekly Check-Ins:

While you may meet with a client once a month or once every two weeks, being able to check in weekly using the HSN app helps clients progress faster. A quick, “how are you doing with your action steps this week?,” or “how was your water consumption today?” reminds them of where they need to be and gives them a nudge to stay on track.

The HSN app also sends out regular video tips to clients, which can be pre scheduled. These are a way for them to learn more from nutrition in between their sessions with you.

Testing Biometrics Regularly:

Many clients are numbers driven-that is why regular biometrics are essential in keeping them motivated. Seeing those numbers go down gives them a reason to keep going. If their numbers go up, that is a reality check for them to change what they are doing. Weight, body fat, and measurements are all great tools to help set goals and drive motivation.


You cannot always be there to respond to a client at all hours of the day, so setting them up with partners or having them choose a partner can help supplement their accountability. They can meal prep together, make healthy choices together while eating out, and discuss their action steps.

Partners can be anyone from significant others to friends, but it should be someone with similar goals of eating healthy.

The HSN App:

Many of the accountability tools mentioned above can be done through the HSN app. The HSN app trickles content to clients, allows you to schedule messages, and gives clients a way to check in with you in a controlled environment.

It also lets you track progress with graphs, and keeps a record of communication with your clients. This is necessary when you have more than 10 clients and want to refer back to conversations about their progress.

You want your clients to succeed, and they need to know you are there pushing them to succeed. While you may not have all the hours in the day to dedicate to one client, you can make it seem as if you do by using accountability tools to help you.