HSN Training Course


Welcome to HSN Affiliate Training

Course Structure:

  • You will need to complete one lesson before continuing to the next lesson.
  • Complete your training workbook as you go through the course; this will allow the mentor team to ensure you are ready to launch.
  • If an assignment is required (waiver and initial consult practice), you will need to upload the assignment before moving on.
  • After each lesson, there is a quiz. You need to get a 90% on the quiz before moving to the next lesson.
  • There will be homework assignments to complete after each lesson and before each training call. Complete the homework, collect the evidence, and submit it to the mentor prior to each training call.
  • Once you finish the sections of this course, you will be given access to the exclusive HSN App, App Training content.
  • After you complete HSN App Training, you will participate in two more mentoring calls to help you finalize the launch of your program.
  • Throughout the process, make a list of any action steps that you need help with. These will be addressed on the calls.

Course Progress

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