Creating A Wall Of Success To Highlight Your Nutrition Clients & Success Stories In Your Gym

Are You Looking To Increase The Presence Of Nutrition & Highlight Your Client's Success Stories Inside Your Gym?

Do you have a client in your gym who has lost 50 or 100 pounds?
I asked this question when speaking at a conference over the weekend and every gym owner raised their hand.
The problem is most gym owners are not sharing the inspiring stories of those clients. Maybe your client doesn’t feel comfortable posting a before and after picture or maybe you haven’t figured out a good way to share those stories.  

One of the best ways to increase engagement with your nutrition program is to highlight the people who have seen success with your program. 

The first step to capturing amazing client success stories is to test their initial biometrics when they first sign up.
We recommend obtaining their baseline by tracking inches, body weight, body fat, and muscle mass for all new clients (nutrition, fitness, and hybrid clients).
For nutrition clients, it is recommended to retest biometrics monthly. As a nutrition coach, make sure you are tracking non-scale victories as well, like energy, mood, quality of sleep, and how they feel. Realistic weight loss when clients are doing nutrition coaching, fitness, and accountability is 1-2 pounds of fat loss per week and 1 percent of body fat per month. Clients typically lose inches faster than body weight so make sure you are tracking inches as well. 
Once you track biometrics regularly, you will have the numbers to create success stories. We recommend creating a template in Canva so that your success stories look similar. Don’t forget to add your logo and share them on social media, in your email, on your website, and on your blog! 
You can see some of the Healthy Steps Nutrition client success stories below. 
💥 Pro Tip: Highlight the clients who have seen great results beyond a nutrition challenge or 30-day program. You will notice on the Healthy Steps Nutrition website, we highlight clients who have seen great results over 1, 2 and 3 years. 

Success Stories Of Nutrition, Fitness & Employee Wellness Clients At Healthy STeps Nutrition & CrossFit HSN

Employee Wellness Client
Nutrition-Only Client
Nutrition & CrossFit Client

Once you have 15-20 success stories, it’s time to make a wall of success. The goal of this wall is to be a physical representation of some of the clients who have transformed their health and their lives through your nutrition and fitness coaching program. 

This is the wall of success at Healthy Steps Nutrition & CrossFit HSN in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

It is located right when you walk into the building. Every new lead and client will see this wall right when they walk into the gym. 

If you are a Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring client, make sure you check out the canva template to easily replicate the wall of success in the Marketing Module. 

Once you have your success stories, I recommend getting them printed on MixTiles and then hanging them in your welcome area in your gym or where you meet with clients during the free intro process.


Check out some of the Walls of Success in gyms that have partnered with Healthy Steps Nutrition to deliver a professional habit-based coaching program in their gym. 

CrossFit Be Someone & Nutrition
(Gym In Texas)
Phoenix Strength & Conditioning
(Gym In Ireland)
Restoration Fitness & Nutrition
(Gym In Florida)
Live Active 563
(CrossFit Gym In Iowa)
Impact Fitness & Nutrition
(Gym In Iowa)

If you are looking to grow a nutrition coaching program in your gym, it’s time to highlight your client’s success stories and make a Wall of Success!