CrossFit Upper Keys Partnered With Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring To Build A Nutrition Coaching Program In Their Gym

Before we started HSN, I saw this gap with my clients, they were not making the results they were looking for and they were really struggling to find what nutrition dogma to follow. 

-Anna Floyd, Owner of CrossFit Upper Keys

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Anna noticed her clients were not seeing the results that they were looking for and they were struggling to find a nutrition plan that was right for them.
Anna realized there was a missing piece to the puzzle at her gym, CrossFit Upper Keys, she knew she was missing offering nutrition and accountability for her clients. 
Anna partnered with HSN Mentoring at the start of 2023 to implement a nutrition coaching program in her gym. 

HSN is changing people’s lives everday. 

-Stephanie King, Nutrition Coach at CrossFit Upper Keys
Listen to Stephanie’s story here 👇🏽
Stephanie used to work in an ER and saw the other side of the health care world. Now she is helping people prevent chronic disease with the help of HSN Mentoring.
As a CrossFit coach, Stephanie always had a huge interest in health & wellness.
When owner, Anna was ready to implement a nutrition coaching program into her gym, Stephanie was eager to help run the program.

In This Webinar Recording You Will Learn:

  • How to set up your nutrition coaching program and packages
  • How to find a great fit to run your nutrition coaching program
  • How to integrate nutrition into your gym
  • How to increase buy-in with your existing members

Are You Looking For A Turn-Key Solution To Offer A Nutrition Coaching Program In-House?

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