Donuts After Workouts?

Main Points: 

  • Don’t workout on an empty stomach
  • If you do CrossFit first thing in the morning, have a liquid form of carbs & protein
  • Examples of Pre-workout snacks:
    • Shake with almond milk
    • Fruit puree with protein powder
    • Greek yogurt
  • Hydrate BEFORE you get to the gym
  • Bring something with you to have after your workout! You want to have something within 30 minutes of your workout to replace glycogen stores & muscle repair
  • Examples of Post-workout snacks:
    • Protein shake with coconut water or almond milk
    • Fruit buddy with protein shake mixed with water

**Donuts are loaded with fat which slows down gastric emptying and delays nutrients to be utilized. Stick with liquids over solid food after your workouts!