Elevate Your Nutrition Program’s Member Experience With These 3 Tips!


The nutrition program and gym member experience are crucial for several reasons, and they play a significant role in the success and sustainability of your facility. As gym owners, it’s not enough to just “be good.” There is so much competition out there that just checking the boxes regarding the experience your clients have when they enter your facility will not work.

Having the cleanest bathrooms in town is great, but the gym down the street also claims they have the cleanest bathrooms. Keeping the gym floor clean should be a standard, not an added bonus. Talking about healthy eating is something many coaches and gym owners do. The bottom line is that member loyalty is few and far between when there are so many options people can check out regarding nutrition programs and a gym membership.

This blog post will give three tips to provide an elevated member experience regarding your nutrition coaching program. You can also take these tips and apply them to a fitness members experience.

Let’s go! It’s time to take the member experience to the next level!

What Is A Nutrition Program And Gym Member Experience?

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A nutrition client and gym member experience refers to the overall journey and interactions individuals have with the facility or nutrition program. These experiences are critical in shaping satisfaction, retention, and the overall success of the gym and nutrition program. Many members feel tied to the community aspect of their gym and use it as one of their main social channels. Providing various types of interactions and perks clients can engage in is crucial in providing a great member experience and only benefits the business.

Why Is The Member Experience So Important?

Remember that people can get fit anywhere. Being laser focused as gym owners and nutrition coaches on how your customer experience is perceived should be a top priority.

Here are some of the reasons why a positive member experience is crucial:

Here are some of the reasons why a positive member experience is crucial:

Member Retention:

A positive member experience fosters a sense of belonging and satisfaction, increasing members’ likelihood of staying committed to their nutrition and fitness journey. This, in turn, contributes to higher member retention rates, a critical factor for the long-term success of the nutrition program and gym.

Word of Mouth and Referrals:

Satisfied nutrition clients are likelier to share their positive experiences with friends, family, and colleagues. Word-of-mouth marketing and member referrals are powerful tools for attracting new members and helping to grow the program community.

Brand Loyalty:

Members with a positive experience are more likely to develop loyalty to the gym’s brand. Loyalty translates into continued membership, even in the face of competition or alternative nutrition and fitness options.

Motivation and Engagement:

A positive experience contributes to member motivation and engagement. When members feel supported, encouraged, and comfortable in their environment, they are more likely to remain committed to their nutrition, workouts and fitness goals.

Customer Satisfaction:

Members who have an elevated experience are generally more satisfied with their membership. Customer satisfaction is a key metric for business success, and it often correlates with success stories, positive reviews and testimonials.

Increased Participation in Programs:

Members who enjoy their experience with the program offered to them are more likely to participate in additional programs, classes, and services offered by the gym. This increased participation benefits the members and contributes to the organization’s overall success and profitability.

Positive Atmosphere and Culture:

A positive member experience contributes to a welcoming and inclusive culture. This atmosphere is essential for creating a space where individuals of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and backgrounds feel comfortable.

Staff and Member Relationships:

Positive interactions between staff and members contribute to strong relationships. When staff members are knowledgeable, approachable, and attentive to members’ needs, it enhances the overall experience and creates a supportive community.

Effective Feedback and Improvement:

A positive member experience encourages open communication. Members who feel valued are more likely to provide constructive feedback. This feedback is invaluable for gym management to identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall member experience.

Adaptability to Market Changes:

A gym that prioritizes member experience is more adaptable to changes in the nutrition fitness market. The gym can evolve and remain competitive by staying attuned to member preferences and industry trends.

Now that we understand why the member experience is so important let’s get into our three ideas that could help you connect with more people and elevate your nutrition program.

Three Ideas To Help Elevate Your Gym's Nutrition Program

It’s the little things that count! Be different from the gym down the street also offering a nutrition program. These ideas are all practical examples of ways coaches and gym owners can spice things up!

Idea #1 - Nutrition Program Goodie Bags For New Clients

shaker bottle for a gift bag to elevate the member experience

Nothing provides motivation more than getting a little gift when you join a community. It signifies to the new client that they matter, the program is about more than just check ins and app videos, and that the coaches have taken the time to think about what nutrition clients working on weight loss and exercise may need.

Goodie bag contents could include:

  1. A few three-compartment containers

  2. A tape measure to remind clients to tape their body

  3. A gym branded water bottle or yeti to help remind them to drink water daily

  4. Samples of the protein your gym gym sells

Idea #2 - Leverage Community Partnerships

Nothing builds integrity more than when other businesses in the community support you. A lot of gym owners and coaches are scared of developing partnerships, or they don’t see the value in taking the time to develop them. I think that is a huge mistake.

Partnerships provide access to more people for both sides of the relationship. To read more about how partnerships can elevate your business, check this podcast!

Here are a few ways we leverage community partnerships that will benefit your clients, you and the other business:

  1. Having a local partnership offer a first time user coupon for your goodie bags

  2. Collaborate on a menu item at a food/beverage partners establishment your nutrition clients can order knowing it is “Nutrition Program Friendly”

  3. Host special events with a community partner


meal prep on a table showing how a swap can elevate member experience

Idea #3 - Special Events

Special events foster community and serve to bring people together who share a common interest in health and wellness. Building this sense of community amongst your membership is important. Many gym owners and coaches don’t take things to the next level like this. In doing so you will stand out form all the other competition who are just checking boxes.

Here are a couple of ideas for special events:

  1. Nutrition program and gym-wide meal prep swap.

    Offer the meal prep swap one time per month! Get everything in the gym involved, not just those in the nutrition program. Who knows, by participating in a meal prep swap, more people may consider joining the program!

  2. Partnership Event

    At my gym, we have hosted several nutrition program and gym special events. We try to do one of these events every quarter.

    1. Two times per year, we hold a nutrition talk, yoga, and private shopping event at an athleisure store down the road from us that regularly sponsors our challenges and gym competitions. The shopping event occurs after the yoga & talk. The store owner provides a 20% off discount to all participants, ( limited to 25 ) and we both get all the emails and lead information. #win

  3. During summer months we will host a workout at a local pub on a Friday or Saturday afternoon. The pub offers “healthier’ versions of certain cocktails on their menu during our event. Again, we both get all the lead information, and it’s a great way to celebrate fitness, nutrition, and community.

Wrap Up

With the new year on the horizon, it’s an ideal time to take for an end of year review! How is the member experience in your facility? Can it be improved? What are you doing well? As new strategies are considered, remember that implementing one new concept at a time is key in order to promote habit formation. Too many things at once will cause failure!

I would love to hear what your organization has come up with!

Email me at heather@healthystepsnutrition!

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