Five Ways to Provide Accountability

Only 20 percent of people are able to maintain weight loss. What are those people doing different? How are you able to ensure your clients are part of those 20 percent?

The formula for success is simple: If they see results, they will keep coming back.

In the business of nutrition, ensuring a client sees results can be challenging because you are depending on the client’s motivation and willpower while they are not with you. It is not about what they do one hour of the day, it is what they are doing for 95% of their day.

Any disruption to a client’s daily routine can also impact their results. You have little control over whether they travel for work, get enough sleep, stay active or meal prep, yet, those are the actions that lead to results.

With so much in the hands of the client, what can you do for them to get them the results they want? After all, as much as people say they want someone who will “take the candy bar directly out of their hands,” we all know that is not realistic.

Your clients come to you for accountability. You can’t follow them around constantly, but you can provide a community of support so they do not feel alone. Knowing there are others that are going though the same experience makes their goals more attainable.

Five Ways to Provide Accountability:

Testing Biometrics Bi-monthly or Monthly – Success leads to motivation. If your client sees numbers going down, they will be motivated to continue. Testing biometrics puts a target to see those successes. We recommend an OmRon or InBody to test body fat percentage. It is also recommended to track measurements.

Weekly Check-ins – Asking clients how they are progressing reminds them that you do care and want them to succeed. We recommend checking in via one mode of communication, for example the private messaging via HSN App.

Group Message Boards – Connect clients with others who have similar goals so they do not feel alone. At HSN, we use the group messaging feature within the HSN app.

Accountability Partners – Have clients identify one person close to them who wants to build similar habits. This person might be a spouse, roommate or coworker. Having support outside your office is vital to their success.

Automating Content – Your clients need tips to help them stay on track. This might look like an automated email drip campaign with tips, videos and recipes. At HSN, we use the app which drips video content to clients on a weekly basis.

Even though we can’t be with our clients for every meal, we can make it feel as if we are, in a supportive way. They are counting on us keep them on track until their new habits become permanent.