Free Course: Building A Nutrition Program Into A Gym

Earn Three CrossFit CEUs By Taking This Nutrition Course

Understand How To Build A Nutrition Program Into A Gym

Help Your Clients See Better Results

Learn From The Nutrition Coaching Experts

This Free Course Will Help You...

Learn How To Build Nutrition Into The Culture Of Your Gym

Understand How To Help Your Clients Beyond Exercise

Become A Better Coach

Learn How To Use Motivational Interviewing When Working With Clients

Increase The Length Of Engagement With Clients

Increase Buy-In For Your Nutrition Program With Existing Members

Did You Know That All Training & Ongoing Mentoring Is Approved For CrossFit Continuing Education Units?

At Healthy Steps Nutrition, we believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated which is why we focus on a simple, habit-based approach. 

Our mission at HSN Mentoring is to empower gym owners and coaches to feel confident when talking about nutrition to their members and communities. 

Inside This Course
Lesson 1
How To Integrate Nutrition Coaching Into Your Gym
Nicole Aucoin
Lesson 2
Increasing Engagement With Existing Members
Nicole Aucoin
Lesson 3
Developing Soft Skills As A Coach
Ashley Osterman
Lesson 4
Motivational Interviewing & Coaching
Ashley Osterman
Lesson 5
Implementing A Holistic Approach When Coaching Clients
Nicole Aucoin
Lesson 6
Increasing Retention Of Nutrition Clients
Nicole Aucoin

What To Expect