Watch This Video To See Exactly How You Can Get A Customized GIF

Who: Nutrition Coaches or Owners

When:Now Until January 15th

Step 1: Write a review on our FB Page AND Google Page

You might answer questions like:

How has HSN helped you implement nutrition coaching?
What would you say to someone considering HSN Mentoring to help them build a nutrition program in their gym? 
What did you do before HSN Mentoring (ie: challenge or informal conversations)? 
How does HSN save you time so you can focus on your clients? 

Step 2: Take a screenshot of your review & send it to us via email

Send an email to with the following items:

Screenshot of your review on FB & Google My Business
Your logo (high-resolution file)
Your Business name
A headshot of you 
2 Hashtags (your gym and nutrition program)
For example: #signumcrossfit and #signumnutrition

Step 3: We will email you when your customized GIF s live on IG!

That’s all you need to do! We will let you know when it’s live. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I already wrote a review? 

The google my business page just went live so write one there and we will send you the GIF!

Q: Can we get two if the owner and coach follow all 3 steps? 

Heck yes! 

Q: How can I get a nutrition-specific GIF? 

Let us know in the email that you already have a regular one and you want a nutrition-specific GIF. We got you! 


We will be picking one person per week to win a coach’s evaluation so get your reviews in now for more chances to win!

You need a coaches eval to have a directory listing on

This is a $199 value!

If you do it today, you will get three chances to win the coach’s eval!

We will be picking the first winner on Wednesday!  The last winner of the coach eval will be picked on January 15th! 

You Might Be Thinking... What The Heck Is A GIF?

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