Instant Access To Recording: How To Prioritize Mental Health Inside A Gym {Training For Gym Owners & Coaches}

HSN Mentoring: The Big 3 For 2022

  1. Intentional Opportunities To Deepen Connection & Community
  2. Capture Inspiring Stories & Elevate Gym Owners & Nutrition Coaches Who Are Making Their Businesses Houses Of Wellness
  3. Provide More Support For Holistic Coaching Framework: Mental Health, Sleep & Performance

The Plan To Accomplish The Big 3

  1. Connections With Staff: Host Staff Retreat In May In Tennessee With Facilitator Focusing On Leadership & Team Building
  2. Connections With Clients: Host HSN Meet-Ups In Houston (Feb), Tennessee (May) and Deerfield Beach at HSN HQ (July) – Events Will Be Open To Gym Owner & Coaches In The HSN Family
  3. Capture Stories: Travel To At Least Six Gyms In 2022 To Capture Their Stores With The Media Team Like CrossFit Generation.
  4. Expert Training On Holistic Framework: Bring In Sleep and Mental Health Specialists To Provide Coach Training (Add Additional Resources Within The Healthy Steps Nutrition App)

Coming Soon

  1. HSN Texas Tour: April 1st & 2nd
  2. Healthy Steps Nutrition Live Workshop: September 16th & 17th