3 Ways To Get More Clients For Your Gyms Nutrition Business!


Are you a gym owner or nutrition coach wanting to get more clients for your nutrition business? If so this blog post is for you!

As nutrition coaches and gym owners, we aim to help as many people as possible live a long and healthy life. To do that we need to have a consistent flow of new clients, then hold a length of engagement between 9 – 12 months. However, many nutrition professionals struggle to find new clients. They don’t know how to attract clients or are not doing the necessary things to get new clients.

Whether you see clients in person, or you have an online nutrition business, there are potential clients all around you!

If you want to get more clients for your nutrition business, keep reading for some tips on building a long-term strategy that will help you reach more people as a business owner or nutrition coach running your own business.

Ways To Reach Potential Clients For Your Nutrition And Wellness Business

Word of mouth is a great way to get more clients, but oftentimes, that referral source alone doesn’t provide enough work when considering how many clients the nutrition coach can actually see. More has to be done to reach more prospective clients.

Here are some tips with actionable steps on how to get more clients.

Tip #1 - Talk about nutrition all the time!

Every person you see could be a client.! Talk about what you do! Existing clients can spread the word and provide social proof! But that’s not enough. You need to let people know you are a nutrition professional, and build relationships with other businesses and people in your community.

nutrition coach talking about nutrition to get more clients

Use social media platforms to get the word out

Become a content engine! Your ideal clients could find you if you talk and post about your work. Success stories are king on social media profiles! The more social proof you have, the better! By providing free help through videos, blogs, and posts, your expertise will shine, and you will begin to build trust around your services.

Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are great places to start when it comes to posting on social media. Many qualified leads can come from social media posts. Make sure to become consistent with one platform before you start adding in another.

content engine wheel demonstrating how to get more clients

Post videos and nutrition tips to the gym's internal membership

Start creating content for your gym members! Internal marketing is great for your brand awareness, and lets clients know about your service.

There are a few ways you can do this.

  1. Use nutrition questions of the day to get more clients! These questions are a great way to ensure nutrition is at the forefront of your membership’s minds. It also solidifies the fact that the gym is nutrition focused, just as much as they are fitness focused. And your gym members are the perfect target market!

    Here are three ways to use these questions in your gym:

    1. Use the workout floor to ask nutrition questions

    2. Post nutrition questions in your gyms private groups

    3. Utilize a weekly newsletter or email platform to ask nutrition questions

nutrition words on a yellow background showing consistency is key by talking about nutrition to get more clients
  1. Utilize a nutrition board inside the gym!

    If you would like to learn more about what a nutrition board is, check out this blog post!

  2. Hang posters inside the gym.

    I know it sounds crazy, but a great way to get more clients is to put up posters with QR codes to book a nutrition-free intro inside the bathrooms of your gym! Hanging a poster behind and in front of the toilet guarantees that customers will see them.

nutrition board demonstarting how to get more clients in the gym

Tip #2 - Make it easy for people to get started!

As a consumer prepared for a transformation, encountering challenges in initiating the process can be particularly frustrating. If you want to increase your client base and win clients over, make it easy for them to get started.

  1. All the coaches in the gym should know how to refer potential clients to the nutrition coach.

  2. Signing up for free consultations should be a one-step process.

    Nothing is more frustrating than having to email for an appointment only to get connected to another person via email who finally gets the person to where they need to be to set up an intro. Make it a simple, one-click process.

  3. Links to sign up for a membership should be readily available for the nutrition coach to use to get people started.

    If you are a nutrition business owner, a way for the nutrition coach to accept payment for new clients to get started is necessary! Create a QR code for the coach to use in the free intro process that connects clients to a payment portal on your website or other payment system. One-click equals happy clients.

poster showing how to register for the nutriiton program which will help get more clients

Tip #3 - Run one nutrition challenge each year

Nutrition challenges are a great way for customers to get started with nutrition. Often times they are concerned about committing to a long term plan, but will gladly jump in a 28 day challenge!

I don’t love gyms or nutrition coaches running multiple challenges yearly because it takes away from the ongoing coaching that will ultimately get the ideal client better results than a challenge. That being said, a challenge will spark interest in people to do something about their health and wellness, even if it’s temporary. This provides the coach a short time frame to educate potential ongoing clients on the benefits of making a long-term change. It also allows the coach an opportunity to show how accountability goes a long way and is primarily what is helping clients reach long-term success.

Additionally, a nutrition challenge will provide a little revenue bump in the month that it is run, which is great to help with business expenses.

nutrition coach sitting down with client practicing soft skills

Wrap Up

What are you doing to get more clients for your nutrition business? Is there anything in this blog post that will help you find clients to work with? Remember that it’s not enough to post a couple times on social media, and talk to a member here or there in your gym.

Consistency over time equals results, just like it does with fitness and nutrition. Get consistent with doing one of these things, then add in the next. Over time we can guarantee that you will see more nutrition clients that you would have if you were not practicing any of these tips.

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