Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast: Episode 14 Barbells for Boobs & The RAD Nutrition Program

Zionna Hanson found out that her best friend had breast cancer. She immediately wanted to help. One fundraiser turned into the amazing organization today that we know as Barbells for Boobs. After supporting thousands of prevention screenings, Zionna realized a bigger need to support women after they were diagnosed. The RAD (Resources After Diagnosis) Program was born. Imagine a multidisciplinary team there to support you long after treatment is over. This is the RAD Program. Healthy Steps Nutrition is proud to be a part of the development and delivering the nutrition component. In this podcast, we discuss the evolution of Barbells for Boobs and the RAD Nutrition  Program powered by Healthy Steps Nutrition. Enjoy! Nicole SPOTIFY STITCHER APPLE PODCASTS PS- Have you registered for the Nutrition Business Live Workshop yet in Chicago? This event will be held on Friday, June 5th. It is a full-day of short seminars then practical application with the mentor team. Imagine a room full of 150 other business owners and nutrition coaches all looking to take their nutrition programs to the next level. That’s the live workshop! NUTRITION BUSINESS LIVE WORKSHOP Nicole and Michael Hyatt NICOLE ON THE BEHIND THE BAR PODCAST

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