Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast: Episode 32 Making Nutrition a Priority at CrossFit 1836

Today we have a power couple on the podcast — Mat and Sara Koym.

They have been with HSN for a few years now and have built a robust nutrition program. It is a pillar in their business.

One of the most popular questions I get asked during free calls is how many nutrition clients can a coach handle. Gym who have nutrition programs before starting with HSN tell me they feel overwhelmed with 10-12 clients. It’s because they don’t have systems in place and are starting from scratch with every client.

Most coaches using the HSN platform can handle between 40-50 clients, no problem. They are more efficient because they have systems in place and don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Sara has a full-time job, kids, owns the gym with her husband AND manages over 35 nutrition clients. Listen to her tips to increase efficiency as a nutrition coach.

The Nutrition Business Virtual Workshop was earlier this month! The theme for the workshop was building a resilient business and bridge the gap between the program of chronic disease and the solution within a gym through fitness and nutrition coaching.

We know this information will help gym owners add nutrition, which is the missing piece of the puzzle in their business so we decided to give FREE access to the presentation replay until the end of July. Click the link in the show notes today!


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