Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 83: The Story Behind The Creation Of CAP (CrossFit Affiliate Programming) With James Hobart

Today’s podcast guest is James Hobart, Senior Manager of Programming for CAP, the new CrossFit Affiliate Programming.

He is an 11-year member of Seminar Staff, affiliate owner of CrossFit Boston, and owner of HAM Plan from 2018 until CrossFit acquired it in 2021.

In this episode, James Hobart and Nicole Aucoin talk about:
  • His journey as a gym owner and owner of HAM
  • The transition to CAP and the vision
  • What to expect from CAP
  • How to get access to CAP
At the end of this podcast, Nicole Aucoin will give you two simple strategies to incorporate nutrition into a foundation’s program and classes with your existing members, so tune in! 

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CrossFit Affiliate Programming is designed by top CrossFit seminar staff to help gym owners save time, develop coaches and support your members. 

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