How Nikki Graham, A Gym Owner, Built A Thriving Nutrition Program & What Her Clients Say About It

“I knew when I opened my gym that I wanted nutrition to be the foundation.”  

Nikki Graham, Owner & Nutrition Coach At Graham Strength & Conditioning

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Nikki and her husband, Tanner, are like most gym owners; they had years of experience working in a gym before opening up Graham Strength & Conditioning.
She even did some nutrition coaching but it wasn’t a big part of the gyms she worked at. She was spending a lot of time creating content and resources to give her clients. 

She knew that nutrition needed to be a big part of her business in order for her to help clients transform their health and life. 

With the help of Healthy Steps Nutrition, she is now able to see over double the number of nutrition clients she was seeing before. 
Healthy Steps Nutrition provides client resources, ongoing social media marketing, nutrition tips, email content, video scripts, mentoring calls and a client management dashboard so that she can manage all of her clients in one place. 

The systems, content and guidance allow Nikki to help more clients in less time!

Today, Nikki manages over 50 nutrition clients. 
You can listen to the full story of how Nikki focuses on nutrition to support her clients on the Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast HERE.
Tanner, also has some nutrition clients and she is bringing on two more coaches so that she can continue to grow her nutrition program and reach more people in the community.

Nikki uses the simple, habit-based approach that HSN teaches to help her clients achieve amazing results.  

Meet one of Nikki’s clients, Karyne who needed to lose 50# in nine months in order to have a very important surgery. 
Karyne completely changed her diet and lifestyle with the help of her family, Nikki, and the Graham Strength & Conditioning Family. 


Listen to her story here 👇🏽
You can listen to Karyne’s full story on the Nutrition Made Simple Podcast HERE. 
Nikki is able to offer the total package to support her clients with a personalized nutrition coaching program powered by Healthy Steps Nutrition. 

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