Grow Your Nutrition Business Podcast Episode 90: All Your Questions Answered: Popular Questions From Gym Owners When Building A Nutrition Program

If you are a gym owner, now is the time to be thinking about how to turn an informal conversation about nutrition into a comprehensive nutrition program and delivering a professional service to your clients. 

In today’s episode, Nicole and Jason Aucoin answer the gym owners’ questions from a recent CrossFit Affiliate Owner Gathering about adding nutrition programs. 


Questions that are discussing in this episode include: 

  1. What should you charge?

  2. What should nutrition coaching look like from a client’s perspective?

  3. Can I legally offer nutrition coaching?

  4. We’ve done an online course and still don’t feel comfortable. What do you recommend? 

  5. I’m currently referring out, and it’s not working; what should we do? 

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Meet Nikki Graham
Owner Of Graham Strength & Conditioning

Nikki and her husband, Tanner, are like most gym owners; they had years of experience working in a gym before opening up Graham Strength & Conditioning.
She even did some nutrition coaching but it wasn’t a big part of the gyms she worked at. She was spending a lot of time creating content and resources to give her clients. 

She knew that nutrition needed to be a big part of her business in order for her to help clients transform their health and life. 

With the help of Healthy Steps Nutrition, she is now able to see over double the number of nutrition clients she was seeing before. 

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Gym Owner Meet-Up In Florida

Behind The Scenes At The Most Recent Florida Gym Owner Meet-Up


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