Healthy Snacking – Try these snacks!


Snacking can be healthy…as long as you know how to snack!

We recommend our clients eat 3 meals per day plus 2 small snacks in between meals. Why? Not only does a healthy snack fuel your body before a workout, it also helps keep your blood sugar levels steady in between meals, and helps keep you from overeating during your next meal if you go too long without food.

We want our snacks to be around 100-300 calories and to contain a balance of both both carbohydrates (grains, fruits, veggies, yogurt) and protein (eggs, protein powder, nuts, peanut butter, cheese), with limited fat.

So, what are some healthy options we recommend?

Check out the video above for some of our Registered Dietitian’s favorite healthy (& tasty!) snacks.

You can find these snacks here:

  1. Perfect Bar Mini
  2.  RX Bars
  3.  Bone Broth (pair with a piece of fruit or some whole wheat crackers)
  4.  Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt
  5.  Bumble Bee Pink Salmon
  6. Justin’s Nut Butter Packets (pair with fruit!)