Just Announced: Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Joins The CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network

As gym owners and fitness coaches know you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.
We know that in order to help clients see the best results, they need support with nutrition. 

Yet, the majority of gym owners do not offer an ongoing nutrition coaching program to support their members. 

Here are a few of the common problems stopping gym owners from building successful nutrition coaching programs:
  • Gym owners don’t know where to start when building a nutrition coaching program
  • Gym owners don’t have time to reinvent the wheel
  • Gym owners don’t have a nutrition coach who is already trained
  • Even worse, they had someone or a program but when that person left, the program left. (That’s the worst!)
As a CrossFit gym owner and Registered Dietitian, I get it! You wear a lot of hats and the idea of adding something else to your plate is overwhelming to say the least. 
So what happens?
You think about it often. You know you need it. But you get busy, another year goes by and you don’t have a program. 
You can try and figure it out on your own, waste countless hours or you can partner with the experts to fast-track the process of building, launching and growing a nutrition coaching program. 
I started helping gym owners build nutrition coaching programs in 2015, long before we opened our CrossFit affiliate.
 In fact, the reason we opened a CrossFit affiliate was because I was all-in on cracking the code to help gym owners build successful professional nutrition coaching programs. 

There was a major gap between what CrossFit affiliate owners and small boutique fitness owners wanted (a professional nutrition coaching program that was plug-and-play to support their members) and what was available in the market. That's why we created the Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Program.

HSN Mentoring is a turn-key solution, providing business systems, marketing, nutrition coach training (online training course and experience the program as a client), professional client resources, exclusive app to manage clients, and ongoing mentoring to grow a nutrition coaching program in your gym.
By adding a nutrition coaching program, you will fast-track member results, increase your retention, and add a revenue stream.
Here’s the deal. You don’t just need another online nutrition course to send someone through.
You need a solution providing business systems, marketing, a platform (HSN App) to manage nutrition clients AND nutrition coach education/certification. You need a coach development process that provides practical application to help coaches feel confident. 


HSN Mentoring is the only nutrition business coaching and coach development program that provides:
✅ Business systems
✅ Nutrition coach education with practical experience (role playing and an evaluation with our experts)
✅ Marketing materials
✅ Professional nutrition resources for clients (handbooks, sample meal ideas, videos, recipes and so much more)
✅ Exclusive app to manage nutrition clients in a group or individual setting that’s customizable to add your own content 
✅ Ongoing mentoring and support to grow your program 

HSN Mentoring has helped thousands of gym owners and coaches worldwide build, launch and grow nutrition coaching programs. 
I’ve had the opportunity to speak at conferences around the world on how to do it but here’s the deal, you still need the systems, marketing materials, coach development and ongoing mentoring to grow and scale a nutrition coaching program. 

This week, we announced that Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring has joined the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network! 

Check out the video below to see what the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network x Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring Partnership Looks Like:
What is the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network aka APN?
CrossFit HQ created a partnership network with brands that they believe will support gyms to build successful and sustainable businesses.


Here’s the Backstory:
I met Nicole Carrol in 2016. She knew nutrition was a missing piece in the support HQ was providing affiliate owners and coaches so she asked me to write articles for the CrossFit Journal. Soon after, I was heading out to HQ often to meetings, CrossFit Health events and various events.
Back in 2018, I told Nicole that if and when there was an opportunity to do something with CrossFit in a bigger way, I was in.
Not long after, we released the CrossFit Preferred course but that wasn’t really helping affiliate owners build successful nutrition coaching programs. That nutrition coaching course is included in the mentoring program. That’s what the mentoring program is for.
Over the past five months, we have been working on what it would look like to become a part of the APN so that we could have more opportunities to support affiliate owners.


What Are The CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network Perks When Signing Up For HSN Mentoring?
✅ FREE Access To The One-Day Nutrition Challenge Intensive: Fast-track training providing you everything you need to plan, launch and execute a nutrition challenge. This one-day virtual training will be on Thursday, December 8th through zoom. 
✅ Two Additional Coach Evaluations: Evaluating your nutrition coaches to ensure a consistent and professional delivery of your nutrition program is vital, yet most gym owners don’t do it. The initial training includes one valuation. If you are a CrossFit affiliate owner, you will receive two additional evaluations to provide continued coached development and increase confidence of your nutrition coaches.
These two perks are valued at over $800 for all new CrossFit Affiliate Owners who join HSN Mentoring!
The first step is to book a free call.

Most importantly, what does this mean for the hundreds of CrossFit affiliate owners and coaches who have been partnered with us for the 7+ years?

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all of your support and trusting us to help you build, launch and grow a nutrition coaching program.
We wouldn’t be here without you. We were able to create this partnership because of you guys believing in the vision and mission.
Every current business in HSN Mentoring (CrossFit affiliate or not) will will be able to pick one perk.
Here are the two options you can pick from for your “pay it forward” perk:
  • Two additional coach evaluations. If you are not conducting nutrition coach evaluations at least two times per year or you would like our help to conduct your coach evaluations, we recommend picking this option. This is a $398 value.
  • One time credit of $300 towards adding an additional coach to support the role of your program.
If you are a current HSN Mentoring gym owner, please fill out this survey HERE to opt into your perk.
Only the business owner needs to fill out this survey. 

Check out this short video to hear what CrossFit affiliate owners are saying about how Healthy Steps Nutrition Mentoring helped them build, launch and grow a professional nutrition coaching program in their gym

If you are ready to save time and not reinvent the wheel when building a nutrition coaching program, I would love to help you! Click the link below and book a free call. 

*Gym owners must be present on free calls. Potential nutrition coaches and managers are welcome to join too!