How CrossFit 1836 Built A Thriving Nutrition Program That Includes Corporate Wellness & What Their Clients Say About It

Partnering with HSN has allowed us to not only grow within our 4 walls, but also to get out into the community to reach more people.”

Sara Koym, Owner & Nutrition Coach of CrossFit 1836

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CrossFit 1836 is located in Houston, Texas.

Mat & Sara always preach their big motto that they want it to be their clients best hour of their life!
With the help of HSN Mentoring, Mat & Sara are able to reach out to their community and impact even more people through Corporate Wellness.
Russ and Sharon joined CrossFit 1836 to dial in their nutrition and strength as CrossFit members and nutrition clients at CrossFit 1836.
This transformative journey has made them a happy and healthy family.
Russ is now a CrossFit coach and Sharon is a nutrition coach CrossFit 1836.
 Listen to their story here 👇🏽

What Clients Are Saying

Meet Lauren, nutrition and fitness client at CrossFit 1836.
Lauren joined CrossFit 1836 over 5 years ago, after her third child. After joining for fitness only, Lauren felt like she began to plateau in her progress. Soon after becoming a nutrition client at CrossFit 1836, she quickly realized that nutrition was the missing element to see the results she was looking for. 
Check out Lauren’s story and how Sarah, Nutrition Coach at CrossFit 1836, has helped her.

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