How did I build authority as a nutrition coach?

People are results driven. You can convey to a client repeatedly that nutrition is important to their weight loss and health journey, however, until they see the results for themselves, they are not willing to change.

At CrossFit HSN, I started to position myself as a nutrition coach by showing results. First, for myself, then for others.

The process started as a personal one. I started on my own nutrition journey and followed the HSN plan strictly. I meal prepped, logged my food, got the right amount of sleep, and drank more water. My results were consistent and impressive. Once I saw a few months of success, I was hooked.

Then, the questions started. What did you do? How did you do it? Was it hard? How can I do the same thing? I was open and honest about what it took to get there. I did not have to convince anyone that the HSN planned worked, they SAW it work, and now they wanted in. Why? Because nobody wants to be left behind.

During this time, I also worked very closely with Nicole to learn all the foundations of nutrition. Doing it wasn’t enough, I wanted to know all the ins and outs of why the HSN planned worked. Being formerly from the education field, I had a desire to understand the why behind everything.

I completed the HSN training course, read the articles, read the handbooks, and absorbed it all. Then, it was my turn to help others who were starting on their journey. In January, I helped CrossFit HSN run a Reboot nutrition challenge.

Throughout the challenge, I created videos and a nutrition board, posted in the the HSN app and on the Facebook group, and supported members along the way. I also reviewed food logs and took biometrics. I was confident in the information I was providing because I had prepared.

Now, I have the authority as the nutrition coach at CrossFit HSN. That authority did not happen overnight. First, I followed the HSN plan myself, and I helped others achieve results by doing the same.

When looking for someone to help run a nutrition program, it doesn’t need to be someone with the most extensive nutrition background. It needs to be someone with a passion for nutrition and helping others. Someone who is relatable and follows what they are telling clients to do.

The Advanced Theory Course for a Nutrition Coach, a program within the new HSN app, was a program developed to help you find the best fit to run your program.