with Nicole Aucoin, MS, RD, LD/N, CF-L2

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About The Presenter

Nicole Aucoin, RD, CF-L2

Founder, Healthy Steps Nutrition, CrossFit HSN & HSN Mentoring

Nicole believes something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. As a Registered Dietitian working in the hospital, Nicole realized how broken the healthcare system was and started Healthy Steps Nutrition to help people to take control of their health through a simple, habit-based approach.
Healthy Steps Nutrition have trained over 4,500 gym owners and coaches to build, launch and grow professional habit-based coaching programs which has helped over 40,000 people around the world take control of their health. 

Healthy Steps Nutrition & HSN Mentoring Was Created
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At Healthy Steps Nutrition, our mission is to empower one million people to take control of their health one step at a time to prevent and reverse chronic disease

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