How Whole Strength CrossFit & Nutrition Built A Professional Habit-Based Coaching Program

“Nicole was so faithful to her mission of helping gym owners.”

Ryan Stemper, Owners of Whole Strength CrossFit & Nutrition

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Whole Strength CrossFit & Nutrition is located in the greater Nashville, TN area. 

He opened up his gym almost ten years ago with a vision to help the greater Nashville community get healthy through four pillars: movement, nutrition, sleep, and mindset.

Meagan is the Director of Nutrition and Head Nutrition Coach at Whole Strength CrossFit & Nutrition. 

She started building a program on her own but knew there had to be a better way. With the help of Healthy Steps Nutrition, she was able to systemize her nutrition program so that she can help more people in the Nashville area. 

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What Clients Are Saying

Meet Hannah, nutrition and fitness client at Whole Strength CrossFit & Nutrition. 
Hannah moved to Nashville and was looking for a new gym home to get back into a good routine and a community of people. She joined Whole Strength CrossFit & Nutrition then quickly realized she needed help with nutrition to see the results she was looking for. 
Check out Hannah’s story and how Meagan, the Director of Nutrition at Whole Strength CrossFit & Nutrition, has helped her.

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